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  1. S

    Cold War Era German Cigarettes v1

    ERNTE 23 CIGARETTE TEXTURE CHANGE --------------------------------------------------------- This changes the default Petsamo cigarettes to Ernte 23's from cold war era West Germany. --------------------------------------------------------- INSTALLATION...
  2. S

    Better Marlboro Cigarette Texture v1

    Not a lot to see here, this is simply a reboot of the previous Marlboro textures that could be seen on here, but I centered the texture on the box and did a less sloppy job, and replaced the pub texture with a vintage Marlboro Man ad, as opposed to the same texture as the box.
  3. Razielex

    Cigarette Dispose 0.3

    Cigarette Dispose V0.3 Hey guys, here I want to present to you my first public mod ever. What this mod does is basically creating a little cig butt model after finishing smoking or just throwing the cigar away! Req: MSC Mod Loader (Newest) Installation: Put the insides of .zip to the "mods"...
  4. Kyall101

    Viceroy Cigarettes 1.0

    REPORT BUGS IN SUPPORT Hello! I have made this texture for fans of viceroy the cigarettes. Thanks Georgio Kalumasa for the idea.