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2-way traffic for "The Isle Of Man TT", seasons, lighting, horizon and physics patches 2019-12-16

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Note 17-07-2021: This is not new upload! Please read the update message to get the CSP code suggestions for better experience.

This race course makes good exercise for quick reflexes in critical situations when cars move both ways, or laid back drive observing how robots are racing around you. Either way it gives a lot of pleasure and the mood-setting visuals are right with the help of CSP and Sol.

iom laps.jpg
2iom 2way.jpg

Install: unzip and place the content in the "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\" folder. Confirm the merging of folders. This package contains the traffic layout+ config and the physics mesh for the sidewalks and grass adjacent to the road. Making the additional models was necessary in order for the AI splines to form correctly and also to give proper ffb feel when you go off the road. They are included in the traffic layout only so you probably will notice the difference from the default layouts. The config that`s responsible for seasons, wet surfaces and lighting is located in the "extension" subfolder of the layout and if you like it you can use it for any other layout of the track by placing a copy of that subfolder respectively.
For the wet road physics "surfaces.ini" are described in two flavors and you can switch from dry to wet by extracting from the ".7z" files in "data" subfolder.

Using of "AI flood" is recommended
AI flood.jpg
CM trackday.jpg

Happy driving!

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00iom 2way.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Possible improvement for terrain with CSP code

    After testing a recently revised version of the track I've been taking a tour in Street View of...

Latest reviews

Its not playable for me.
I got 25-30 fps with 5 Ai's.

Other maps: 80-90 fps.
i have around 30 FPS with 20-30% cpu+gpu usage. all other tracks make use of my hardware as they should.
Sorry to hear that. On my rig this layout is as heavy as all other tracks with many AI`s on them. Bear in mind that the CPU usage shown in 30% overall is irrelevant as the physics runs a single thread and is as fast as a single core of your processor. If the physics lags behind, all starts to lag. Decreasing the number of AI`s usually helps with the problem.
All is working.
Special thanks for wet road surface. Track looks x2 better with it.
Without .. still not, but with no such big work around shaders settings and a bit in PS with textures - it will look really nice, as "see"...
AI working also and doing this quite good with your settings (best from all previous tested).
Cars in "traffic" should be with close power about each other (better with small HP unders hood) to make "wreckfest" not so possilbe.
Better to set (think) min. distance to player around 300-400 m.. Also those settings tested at LA Canyons and working even better, than there.
Thanks U.
(4 Stars (as always) just be cause perfection not exist)
Agreed with all the points mentioned.
Installed as instructed. No difference so doesnt work for me.
If the "install" process doesn`t work I need to know and change the instructions but I can`t get what exactly is not different in your case. Leave more feedback in the "Discussion" tab if you care.
To repeat - only the traffic layout has the different areas along the sides of the road. It doesn`t make the asphalt itself more smooth or bumpy.
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