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The Isle Of Man TT

The Isle Of Man TT 1.0

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The Isle Of Man TT is an annual motorcycle race held on public roads over a 37.73 mile course.
The lap record, from 2016 is by Michael Dunlop on a BMW S1000RR in 16:53.929 an average speed of 133.962 mph.
Known for being extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, only the brave race here!

Grateful thanks to Brendon Pywell for creating Race Track Builder,
without which I could not have created this track. Thanks also to those who made available their xpacks.

Working ai.
20 pit boxes
Track map.
Ideal line.
Collision walls.
Separate road mesh.
Although there are no tv cameras yet, there are onboard cameras for replays.
File size
289.9 MB
First release
Last update
4.69 star(s) 51 ratings

Latest reviews

What. A. Job ! I love those road tracks, very fun to drive on ! 60 kilometers of fun ! Thank you so much !
no grassland!and somewhere are too dark
Wonderful !!!!!
I hope that this track will be improved
Awesome! Smashing.-
Wow - when I found this on the list of tracks here on RD I assumed it was the old version - I was blown away when I left the pits and suddenly thought 'hang on...this looks different'.
Obviously due to the extreme length of this track it must take you forever to work on all the individual buildings etc. so don't worry about some people criticising lack of detail in places - not surprised considering. I am also getting the same bug with the 'quivering car' problem - but I just switch to bonnet view instead for this track. Bit of a mystery why that happens. Really eagerly anticipating updates for this. Thankyou for all the hours of hard work you've put into this so far - keep going man - it's worth it for the satisfaction of knowing you're creating the best version of this track EVER. It's not like anyone else would have the balls to take on such a massive project.
Great work - really impressive.
love it!
Great work! Thenks!
Wow. now proper Man TT track!
great track great work
so good hard work thanks.
Wow just Wow, awesome work, credit must be due for making this from scratch with track builder alone, many people have tried and many have failed much smaller tracks for Karts even. yes i do think in places the track and road side objects need attention and it would be nice to see more variety in the tree's and bushes etc. but i can already appreciate the amount of work that must of gone into this to get it this far.
you sir are a Genius (",)
I seem to have a problem with this track. Whether I start in the pits or on the grid, whatever car I use seems to be really unstable. Even when I'm not moving, the car just wobbles all over the place, making the mod completely unusable for me!
I've never had any problems like this with any other track mods and I have no idea what could be causing it - I've tried with various cars, some mods and some from the base game, and all have the same issue.
I've downloaded other tracks since and not had this issue. I've given it three stars (average) for now but if this gets fixed, then I will rate it accordingly.
love it thanks
good work on the track.
It is a nice track but in my opionion far from being finished. The vegetation should be thinned on many locations. For me it kills immersion being surrounded by walls of trees and bushes. And please add traffic signs. So it is a good start but with some improvements it could become as epic as Targa Florio.
nice Track, but the Road... could be better i think. tarmac changes, some dirt etc.
i hope, its not the final Version :)
There are invisible walls at the tracksides. And the trees and bushes are a little to symetric for long streches, hard to keep track of where I am. Even if it doesn't look like Isle of Man it is a nice track to drive.
Just cool to cruise, be epic if we could have AI traffic doing the speed laws in there lanes :)
Excellent drive on this circuit, I have had the other TT version for well over a year and i would say this is easily 200% better in everyway. Road feel and bumps feel spot on through my t300. 60 fps highest settings in 1080p all the way. The scenery itself is very well done, really feels like you are driving through the countryside in the UK. I for 1 will be coming back to drive this one again and again. Love it. Thank you Frank.