isle of man

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    TT Isle of Man - Ride On The Edge 2 | Now Available

    The new TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 videogame from KT Racing has been released. Successor to the popular if somewhat floored original title from back in 2018, the new game promises to offer up a much improved gaming experience for players. Available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC now, with a...
  2. Automobilista - Sidecar racing , Isle of Man

    Automobilista - Sidecar racing , Isle of Man

    Sidecar driven by the AI, first test after reworking Physics.
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    TT Isle of Man 2 | Collaboration With Real Riders Confirmed

    The upcoming TT Isle of Man 2 videogame is set to benefit from the collaboration of not one, but two real world active TT riders. Working together with Davey Todd (Honda) and Julien Toniutti (quadruple French Elite champion), KT Racing have confirmed the partnership as part of a bid to improve...
  4. A

    2-way traffic for "The Isle Of Man TT", seasons, lighting, horizon and physics patches 2019-12-16

    This race course makes good exercise for quick reflexes in critical situations when cars move both ways, or laid back drive observing how robots are racing around you. Either way it gives a lot of pleasure and the mood-setting visuals are right with the help of CSP and Sol. Install: unzip and...
  5. shadow118

    Ford Sierra RS500 DTM Gemini 1.0

    Ford Sierra RS500 Gemini, driven by Colin McRae and Derek Ringer in the Manx International Rally 1990 Some of the details aren't 100% accurate, as I just couldn't make out the logos. There's a logo missing under the Shell on the door and on the bonnet on the left side of the 4 there should be a...
  6. MatthewDickson

    Any news?

    Will you be able to mod this game or is that not known yet?
  7. MajkiMajk

    Ford Sierra Michelin Pilot Isle of Man [Livery Request] 1.0

    Hi, livery request for Schumi-. If you like my work, please donate me.
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    TT Isle of Man the Game - New Images, Steam Page Launched

    The much anticipated TT Isle of Man: The Game is nearing release - check out these new previews.. With a launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC scheduled for a much delayed March date, Kylotonn Racing Games and Bigben Interactive have confirmed the title has now launched its own Steam store...
  9. Frank1463

    The Isle Of Man TT 1.0

    The Isle Of Man TT is an annual motorcycle race held on public roads over a 37.73 mile course. The lap record, from 2016 is by Michael Dunlop on a BMW S1000RR in 16:53.929 an average speed of 133.962 mph. Known for being extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, only the brave race here...
  10. C

    New Gamescom footage from Glencrutchery to Greeba

    This is the only footage I've been able to find from this weekend's Gamescom, and it's a section we've already seen in playable demos. I want to point out a few things though... I was at the TT this year and the demo there was very, very rough. It looks like the crash physics have been...
  11. ltcars

    Snaefell Mountain Course Map 2016-11-29

    I have tried this one several times and this is the result. For achieving this, I first recorded with the map display about 2/3 of the whole course, until I crashed and fall through the floor. I wanted to record ai while driving but as said above, I crashed. I recorded the map with the Lotus F1...
  12. Max Attack

    Subaru sti N15 - Pirelli TEG sport - Keith Cronin 2016-07-23

    Isle of Man International Rally 2010 Driver: Keith Cronin Co-driver: Barry McNulty Class: R4 Result: win Car has gold rims on gravel stages just like the real car Install: Dirt Rally > cars > models > sti > *Replace livery 41