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1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 2.7

No permission to download
Here's a new update for this mod ! Enjoy !

- Updated tyres on DTM version
- New tyres on Rallycross version
- New car : the rally version, it's not finished yet because I have to find someone to modify the 3d model (rim and interior).

Skins on Rally and Rallycross by Shadow118 !

The rally version is a GrA with rally tyres I have made and new gear box, it's not finished so be fair.
SRS ( ask me to use the car for a championship so I have to pack the data files.
Online gaming would be fair as no one can modify the car.

No changes ! Sorry for those who have downloaded the pack yesterday ! You have to delete for a clean install (or just delete the data folder).
There will be no major evolution on Stock/GrA/DTM.
Thanks to Shaun Clarke for his help !

I'm looking for a modder to help me for my Rx version (changing the rims) and maybe a future Rally version I'm actually working on (want to put 16" rims).

Thanks all for your comments, enjoy these cars !
New update ! I've added a Rallycross version to have fun.

Drift version : new engine (GrA engine), 6-speed gear box, new suspension.

GrA/DTM : new suspension, many basic setup adjustements

Rallycross version : it's a fictional version, just for fun. You can use it on rallycross tracks.
Thanks to shadow118 for the permission to use his nice skin on the Rx version !

More than 500hp + 6-speed gearbox + AWD
I try to make GrA and DTM more closer to reality, as I watch some footages of the btcc and dtm championships, the car has very good grip.
So, I try to have more grip on the rear and make it more stable.

I hope you will enjoy.
Many suggestions, thanks all. I decide to give you this small update !

GrA updates :
- Cockpit adjustable brake bias
- Adjustable aero
- Turbo boost management

DTM updates :
- Cockpit adjustable brake bias
- Adjustable aero
- Fuel consumption updated

Enjoy !
As the car (GrA/DTM) was easily spinning when entering in a corner, I decide to rework the suspension by adding a closer geometry to the stock version.
Don't worry, the car still feels great (like a beast), but now it's just safer !

Enjoy !
A small update with only new basic setup for DTM/GrA.

Now the car feel more safe when you enter in a corner with the basic setup.
Just a small update to fix the name of the car in the entry list.
Now you can see in the entry list :
- Ford RS500
- Ford RS500 Drift
- Ford RS500 DTM
- Ford RS500 GrA

Thanks to FrankN2O for the help !
Second update (sorry, in the same day...) !

The sound of the grA and DTM is now the same. You can hear the turbo's whistling on the DTM version !

I also ajust the rear suspension, just by modifying the camber on the basic setup on DTM/grA suspension.

Have fun !
Here is the first update !

First, many thanks for your comments and positive feedbacks on our work !

What's new ?

Stock version : FFMULT adjustement (slightly more hard).

DTM version : I try to ajust the fuel consumption with the other DTM Kunos cars.

Drift version : As I have done nothing on the 2.0 release (just the V10 tyres), this time I try to mix the suspension of the GrA/DTM with the wheel feeling of the stock version.
If you are a drift driver, your suggestions are welcome.

Have fun !
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