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What can I upload to RD what can I not?

Recently I uploaded a full game mod, compiled by myself from existing cars, addons, cars built and converted by myself, modified cars, modified tracks, modified graphics, music. The whole resource was a link to an external server. It was deleted.

What can I upload here? Who should I credit in the resource?
Should the resource be uploaded to RD server or can it link to an external hosting server?

1. Modified cars (for example a cabrio or pickup versions of existing cars) with all models and textures.
2. Modified tracks created by other persons (added objects, removed other objects, added animations, changed textures, different ads etc.)
3. Modifications of tracks (only the additional models, textures and other files) to the original resource, as a variant, optional content.
4. Cars converted from other games or 3D models without crediting the original authors (if the authors are unknown)
5. Thematic car sets (texture mods) uploading only the new skins (textures only) or textures, models and all other files required.
6. Cars converted and modified by myself, together with cars created by other persons, compiled into a car set (class, championship etc.)
7. All of these above, compiled into a full game without .exe files (as they are registered to me with a key on the original CD) I mean a game based on the engine, not the original game.
8. The same as 7 but with universal (cracked) .exe and .dll files that allow everyone to play.

Who should I credit in the resources? Only these who I worked with? Also the persons who compiled the previous file versions I based on? Or everyone involved in the process (there may be hundreds of people, 3D graphics creators, 2D graphics artists, physics engineers, camera authors, tire authors, original game developers, authors of software I used, operation system authors, processor and graphic card engineers, inventors of personal computers, binary system inventors etc?)