1. LennyS

    ACC Race Control v1.5.0

    Stewarding made easy ACC Race Control is a tool developed by stewards for stewards. It's aim is it to make stewarding as easy and accessible as possible. Stewarding a live race has it's challenges, especially when you have 50 cars on track. It is almost impossible for a few stewards to be able...
  2. abrimaal

    What can I upload to RD what can I not?

    Recently I uploaded a full game mod, compiled by myself from existing cars, addons, cars built and converted by myself, modified cars, modified tracks, modified graphics, music. The whole resource was a link to an external server. It was deleted. What can I upload here? Who should I credit in...
  3. PikaBoltF1Fan

    F1 2012 New to F1 2012... Official FIA Rules & driving assistance

    Hey. I'm not new to Codemasters F1 games, as I have 3 (2009 on Wii, 2011 on 3DS, & 2012 for Xbox 360. My question is this. I'm just now starting my first career & season, with custom difficulty settings (so I can set up the race & driving assists to my liking, & only have to turn up the AI...
  4. Kjell Eilertsen

    R3E R3E Racing Club

    Welcome to our first ever WTCC Monday in R3E, what better place to kick off this club racing than on the infamous Australian mountain, Bathurst Circuit? We can't promise any kangaroos, but the twisty and bumpy bits at the top of the mountain should offer challenge enough for most of us mere...