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  1. ViralMedia

    [ SAVE GAME ] Tuned Half GT/Rally Satsuma + 13 Different Mods Works With Newest Versions.

    [ Save Game ] Half Rally & GT Satsuma + 13 Mods + 500 000 Marks Hello all gamers, today i uploaded this cool save game, because why not to share this with other people, of course read this save game rules and requirements, because it may not work perfectly then, this save game is based on mods...
  2. abrimaal

    What can I upload to RD what can I not?

    Recently I uploaded a full game mod, compiled by myself from existing cars, addons, cars built and converted by myself, modified cars, modified tracks, modified graphics, music. The whole resource was a link to an external server. It was deleted. What can I upload here? Who should I credit in...