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  1. C

    ACC Server Manager 1.4.0 1.4.0

    Hey guys, i proudly present the first professional ACC Server Manager. NEW VERSION ON : Website: https://accservermanager.com/
  2. S

    Running rain with online server not working

    Trying to run an online server with rain. example if I pick heavy rain or thunderstorm it will show the bad weather and thunder and lightning but no rain. I have most recent Sol and shader pack preview installed with rain mod checked. it will rain if I do an offline race. I looked at the server...
  3. zorro1308

    Server Setup Issues

    Hey Lads, I was trying to setup a server on Assetto Corsa, PC. And even after adding the UDP and HTTP ports in I'm having some troubles. Can someone help me out? Ive attached the ss below of my settings and errors.
  4. fernando03


    So, I just bought the game today so I could cruise around in a big map in some road cars with my brother, but when I try to join the server, it says " Can't connect to remote server". I forwards the TCP and UDP port, and I also opened them in the firewall. I think it is the HTTP port that is...
  5. Tarmac Terrorist

    Drive any car you like Nordschleife Multiclass Trackday Server (as found in Assetto Corsa) for RF2

    So you know those wonderful servers in AC where you can jump into a Nordshleife trackday and choose any car you like to do a few laps in when you've got an hour free and you just wanna drive. Always full of people, no A.I, easy to join, no hunting around for mods to D/L just does it all for you...
  6. SauroHD

    Question About Endurance Race...

    Hi all, we are a small team and have a server with 16 slot... if we want to organize an endurance race whit 3 drivers per team how many team can i host on our server? Thanks for the answer guys....;)
  7. T

    RF2 Multi-Player Server

    Hi All, I've been messing around with setting up an rFactor2 server as a bit of project. I've got what I think is suitable kit - the first server is a Dell R610 with two Xeon processors, 2Tb disk space and 96Gb RAM. I 'd like to think that will work OK; perhaps someone can give some advice on...
  8. O

    F2D Plugin 0.8

    Be warned! This is not a finished product. This is not userfriendly. I made this for the F2D gameservers (Bad documentation , sry) but still want to share for anyone who could use it. A basic understanding of programming (c#), databases (maria) and gameserver in general is needed. How it...
  9. dadebolo

    Real Penalty - Client app V.1.01.00

    This is only the app for the drivers to install in AC. The app works only on the server with "Real Penalty"! Offline it can not work! Please take a look to the readme file to install and use this app! This version is compatible with the plugin version 2.04.04 or newer. If you are an...
  10. cogonieznajom

    Throws me to the desktop when I do live broadcast

    I'm using Content Manager to run the game. After entering the server with the race, I stays as a "television cart" in the pit stop. With the ALT + TAB shortcut or the WIN key I go to OBS Studio, where I broadcast live on social media. The problem is that always, but at different frequencies...
  11. N

    Server issue assetto corsa

    Hello guys. I want to make a private server where I can play with my friends, but i have a problem more precisely i have a problem with "port forwarding" i watched a lot of Youtube videos but none of them helped. I always get that message CONNECTION TO LOBBY FAILED. would like to ask you if any...
  12. D

    Automatic incident reporting system

    Moved here
  13. woodiemace

    General Nordschleife 56 Server

  14. DTCxPredator

    Cars Chechsum Colliders?

    Hey, not sure where to post this, first time posting on RD so :D So, we are wanting to put checksum on colliders as we have a suspicion of people cheating in our championship. Is there any way of doing this, we tried the obvious thing of putting the collider.kn5 in the server content car folder...
  15. Bodaz

    ACC Event Manager (Server) v.0.1.2

    Hello fellow ACC Server owners, this is a simple event.json editor for you! Works with actual Version ACC 1.3.6. You can: open existing event.json files edit existing event.json files generate new event.json files save as eventXY.json files Ask me for permission to share it. Programm is...
  16. aaron1234124

    How to Disable Mirror box on server

    So i just made my own dedicated server, how do i turn off the mirror box at the top of the screen?. I pressed F11 but its saying that the server config is forcing it on. And i cant find where in the config u turn it off Any help would be greatly appricated Thanks :)
  17. J

    Looking for help testing my race server- Assetto Corsa

    ---solved-------My server is currently running on Assetto Corsa it is called "join if you want but this is a test2" and is only holding a practice session in the dallara f317 by RSR. I would be very grateful if some people could join and let me know if it is working correctly, it will be up and...
  18. Plynth3r

    Can't join my own AC server

    Everything seems to run fine. I opened the ports and installed Microsoft Loopback Adapter (otherwise it wouldn't work), my friends can join, I can see the server and can attempt to join too, but after loading the cars the Content Manager shows a "Race Cancelled" message, and apparently the...
  19. tripi

    Assetto Corsa invalid server

    Does anybody know why I cant host a server anymore? It was working fine 2-3 months ago without any problem and after a Windows install I keep getting this no matter what I do. (Port Forwarding and Firewall settings already done) Please help!
  20. N

    Checksum errors when running a server

    So, me and my mate wanted to do some racing around Spa in some GT3 cars to have some fun now that Sol can make a server run at night time. I hosted the server through content manager, set up two cars (Z4 and AMG) and set the track to spa at night. I was able to join just fine, but my mate...