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Rate the Sims | FINAL RESULTS

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
The community have spoken, the polls have been counted, the votes double checked, the results verified and the results are in.... announcing your 'Rate the Sims | Community Edition' winner....

..... Assetto Corsa!

That's right, after an incredible 7642 votes across the 14 games in our poll, the winner with a resounding average score of 8.25 is the original Assetto Corsa racing simulation from Kunos Simulazioni.

"The achievements of Assetto Corsa through the years have gone far beyond the expectations we had when we first conceived the project in 2011, and it's a genuine pleasure to see that AC is still the most popular sim in the RaceDepartment community, a group of users with a keen eye for details, despite not receiving official updates for the last 2 years. Modding is definitely one of the numerous keys to the popularity of AC, even if - surprisingly? - the AC console community represents 52% of overall AC users, and they can't enjoy the additional value modding can guarantee to PC racers. So, the secret behind the success of AC has many different interpretations, but one thing is certain: without the support of simracers, AC would have never seen the light or become the Brand we know today. So let me thank you with all my heart for your outstanding support, kind words and suggestions, all of which mean a lot to all of us".

Marco Massarutto, Co-Founder and Executive Manager

1089 people voted for Assetto Corsa (1) and we've absolutely loved to read your responses and see the votes rolling in. Thank you everyone for taking part, and congratulations Kunos Simulazioni on a wonderful victory!

The community have spoken :)

Rate the Sims - Community Edition final results (average scores):

  1. Assetto Corsa - 8.25
  2. Automobilista - 7.94
  3. RaceRoom Racing Experience - 7.87
  4. Wreckfest - 7.67
  5. rFactor 2 - 7.53
  6. Assetto Corsa Competizione - 7.08
  7. iRacing - 6.92
  8. DiRT Rally 2.0 - 6.77
  9. F1 2019 - 6.56
  10. WRC 8 - 6.52
  11. pCARS 2 - 6.47
  12. GT Sport - 6.08
  13. NASCAR Heat 4 - 4.78
  14. GRID - 4.35

Remember folks, this has all been for a little bit of fun - so don't get all hung up on the results - it wasn't exactly a scientific poll under controlled circumstances!

Sim racing is awesome!

You can check out the full results and comments for each sim on the links below:

RD Community Favourite-Awards_v2.jpg
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The James May of Simracing
Considering GT3 is the most popular series for sim racers ACC should have scored higher, especially from the recent praise from Jimmy Broadbent, Nicki Thiim,David Perel, I mean wreckingfest is ranked higher.
To be fair, the ACC poll was back in october, way before v1.2 and before that lots of pwople were a little meh about it.