my cars roll over when turning


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Feb 1, 2019
well some mods can modify the physics so i assume that it may be what happened. also the time and work i put into adding mods over the last ten years i do not want to loose the ones i got as i am limited for space so i do not have the original files and some sites that hosted them are gone. i may have stumbled onto a problem not many care about since they were well aware knowing that it would completely change the games physics. well i tired my best to avoid it and anything can happen. what is odd is i can see cars that ride higher can tip but i got f1 cars tipping up on two wheels which they had not before last week. i installed about 30 some mods and one changed a file that i think i should have not have touched.
what files do i need to restore to the original so that the cars stop rolling over when i turn corners


Jun 3, 2018
First try to delete your profile in GameData\UserData and create a new one to see if it helps.

What I would do is to make a new clean GTR2 install somewhere else then import full clean GameData in your old GTR2 install : this way you are sure all GTR2 minimum files are reset and at least vanilla GTR2 will be 100% stock. Then apply 10th Anniv. Patch and restart your old GTR2...hope it will work.