gtr 2

  1. FRC.Poollugar

    thon and shankloors 1

    here are the thon shankloors thon is a drift track for the gtr2 truck mod basic textures to use truck drifting take from my leakyah setup for nascar drifting
  2. Galmen17

    AI cars using 2nd, 3rd driver in Endurance Race?

    So I have been doing some modding for GTR2 lately and I added 2nd and 3rd driver to AI cars in the .car files. But will the AI cars actually use them in a race? Or do I need to add something else somewhere, or does the game not allow more drivers for a single car? Thank you in advance!
  3. cangrejin

    The Old School racing simulator: "the Revenge-the counter attack" (f1c,gtr2,rbr)

    Sorry for my bad English (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) PART 1 ? Follow me to see MY sad story .... SHORT STORY: imagine: they live the big city (noise, smoke, technology, and distractions). Due to a SERIOUS problem you have a week off to rest. A girl who WANTED TO be your friend for a LONG TIME, and to...
  4. FRC.Poollugar

    Wilenaer 2019-10-07

    A nascar track 20 km long a round a hill. with 3 setups for the nascar mod golonmar:formel;leakyah:drift;Wilenaer:Lowrider lowrider wilenear video:
  5. S

    Multiplayer races finishing early

    I'm trying to do a timed race but the race always finishes after 3 laps even if the GDB is set to say.. 800 laps and 15 minutes. The 15 minute timer works but whoever is in first position gets the chequered flag after 3 laps. We have the same track GDB and both have race distance set to time...
  6. S

    Safety Car question

    So I know how to make the safety car driveable but is there any way to use the lightbar manually? has anyone done this?
  7. Crocket1970

    F1 1971 Mod 1.1 - No arms issue

    Hi everyone, Has anyone has issues no being able to get the drivers arms to show in F1 1971 mod? I have downloaded ver 1.1 from RD and installed on a fresh GTR2 install but can't see the drivers arms. I have checked the Plr file line Drivers Arms Visible in Cockpit is on (1) and have played with...
  8. FRC.Poollugar

    golnmar 2019-09-09

    A source from a track they i have build in Grand Turismo 6 before 3 years. very fast a little bit mario kart and long curves. golonmar formel video: leakyah drift video...
  9. Max_59

    Why do I have safety car instead of F1 cars?

    I recently installed F1 2016 and 2017 mod to GTR2 and safety car is showing up instead of F1 car. Can somebody help me? (im new to modding in THIS game. I modded Race 07 without problems)
  10. Monkey man

    rFactor 2 headphysics for GTR2 1.0

    Hi everyone!! This is an updated version of the headphysics file for GTR2, which contains the values used in rFactor 2. The result from the cockpit view is, in my opinion, a more realistic depiction of the movement of the driver, with more ups and downs instead of the traditional static view. To...
  11. glegster

    my cars roll over when turning

    well some mods can modify the physics so i assume that it may be what happened. also the time and work i put into adding mods over the last ten years i do not want to loose the ones i got as i am limited for space so i do not have the original files and some sites that hosted them are gone. i...
  12. Charles Wolf

    Additional Music for Menu 2019-02-07

    Hello, Here is some more music that will play during the menu's. I got it from GTR2, GTL and RACE 07. I also have a few extra songs in there that I thought sounded good. This Music file can be used in any of the aforementioned games. I like it in GTR2 especially because you can use it in the car...
  13. jborelli

    T4G ALMS 2007 Mod?

    Does anyone have a link to this mod? Turn4graphics ALMS 2007
  14. delicousmuffin

    BMW Z3 Coupé - Jägermeister Livery 1.0

    A livery for the BMW Z3 Coupé which I made recently. I took a little inspiration from the Linder Motorsport E36 that ran in DTM in the early 1990´s Installation: Drop GameData folder into your GTR2 directory Credits: BMW Z3 Coupé: SimBin Skin: Me [welshtoast a.k.a. delicousmuffin] More...
  15. delicousmuffin

    Audi TT-R - BTCC Inspired Livery 1.0

    Note: You need the Audi TT-R mod for this skin to work! Said mod can be found here: A livery for the Audi TT-R mod which I made recently. It is based on the Audi A4 that ran in BTCC in the late 1990´s...
  16. delicousmuffin

    Audi TT-R - Modern Red Bull Livery 1.0

    Note: You need the Audi TT-R mod for this skin to work! Said mod can be found here: A livery for the Audi TT-R mod which I made recently. I went to look at the 2003 Abt Sportsline Red Bull DTM livery and replaced...
  17. Friedrichpc

    Nissan 350z "TNT Motorsports" 2018-06-14

    Nissan 350z skin made by GeForce06
  18. Friedrichpc

    Ferrari F550 "Toro Rosso" 2018-06-12

    Ferrari F550 Skin made by rapha76
  19. simtonth

    No profile problem

    Hi, after a succesfull instalation of "Power and Glory v3.2" I have now a problem, I don't seen the weels in cockpit view I know I have to modify the .plr file in my profile but when I go to the PnG3/Userdata folder there is no folder for my profile there is only the folder called "LOG". I...
  20. Paul Murphy

    Wheel ffb no longer working properly

    This issue actually exists in all gmotor2-based titles, even Automobilista. Starting a couple weeks ago, I starting having the issue where my ffb starts okay, but quickly fades, either when I happen to push one of my wheel's assigned buttons or an AI car approaches.. there's really no rhyme or...
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