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  1. Assetto Corsa | Shutoko Revival Project - Fast & Furious + NFS Mods!

    Assetto Corsa | Shutoko Revival Project - Fast & Furious + NFS Mods!

    Quick showcase featuring cars from the Fast & Furious and NFS franchises. PC: i9 9900KS | RTX 2080Ti
  2. Mclaren MP4-20 | Die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods | F1 2005 Kimi Räikkönen

    Mclaren MP4-20 | Die Besten Assetto Corsa Mods | F1 2005 Kimi Räikkönen

    Today its all about the awesome McLaren MP4-20 from VRC mods. A car you should def. try! DISCLAIMER: This video is in GERMAN
  3. Assetto Corsa   Night Driving at Le Mans!!1

    Assetto Corsa Night Driving at Le Mans!!1

    A demonstration of the brilliance of SOL Version 2.0.1 weather mod, and a special thanks to Ilja for his magnificent Custom Shaders Patch Version 1.70 Previe...
  4. S

    Is anyone going to make the new Ferrari 296 GTB?

    It would be awesome if someone made a Ferrari 296 GTB mod, maybe even with the Assetto Fiorano package that has the beautiful space grey color with the maranello yellow accents.
  5. DuletoBG

    A Modern (2021) GT Legends Review

    Hello, as i am driving GT Legends almost every day in the past 13-14 months, as this includes online racing, i decide to make a modern review of the game 16 years after it's release. A lot has been change since 2005 and in this video i will talk about the negatives and the positives in one of...
  6. Z

    GTR2 Sparks and flames on other cars?

    Hello! I was wondering if these effects that are only showing on my car, may appear on the other cars aswell. Is something that can't be changed or I'm missing an option? Thank you very much.
  7. G

    Cars Virtua LM Group C Mod 1990 - 2000

    Hello there, IM just going to be Straight here. so as you can see from the title. yes we going to convert Virtua LM group c mod to Assetto Corsa. if you may ask, why would I convert this low poly group c cars from 12 years ago, rather then making them high quality super detailed and etc. Let me...
  8. marnix005

    Platinum Racing Community

    Hi all!! Platinum Racing Community is an Iracing community which hosts leagues, fun races and has a racing team. We just finished season 2 of our league (Platinum Racing League). 27-5 starts Season 3 with the GT3's fixed. We also have an indycar league together with VOR: Platinum Indycar series...


    #assettocorsa #simracing #racinggamesFirst of all this track has stayed with me since the first time I drove on it with Grand Turismo 2 on PlayStation 1, ...
  10. Iyeed69

    BMW M5 E60 Exhaust Sound Mod by Iyeed

    exhaust sound created by me not 100% stable but yeah it runs , I'll drop it soon when I'm sure that it doesn't have any problems at all. leave a comment if u like it lol.
  11. Dare Jenth

    Is there in the community any mod of the TRD2000?

    A Toyota Corolla TRD2000 from the Japan Touring Car Championship, it's an interesting car, at least for me.
  12. C

    Cars Speed Racer

    Does anyone know of or have the ability to create Speed Racer cars for Assetto Corsa with the appropriate specs. If not I'd be willing to pay up to $60 for the cars All car Specs: Theoretical Top Speed 250mph, Manual 6 speed, 8,500rpm redline Mach 5: FR, V12 (Pagani Zonda sound), none of the...
  13. C

    Which set of cars are good for starters in Assetto Corsa?

    Hi to all! Yesterday I registered here because I was searching some free cars for my Assetto Corsa, so finding this forum too (and some free championships omg) are a pleasure. In my first post I need some advice. I have a Logitech G27 which I has one sujetion broken but is still ok. Since...
  14. MikeRock

    Car moding: Recreating 1.8T AGU in asseto

    Ok, how hard its gona be to recreate 1.8t agu vw engine in asseto corsa? Model of car is no problem found a golf mk4 but the ini setings are for me, especially the turbo settings (know what they are in rl).
  15. Can the NIO EP9 Keep up With a NIO Formula E Car?

    Can the NIO EP9 Keep up With a NIO Formula E Car?

    Game: Assetto Corsa Car: NIO EP9 and NIO Formula E car(VRC Formula Lithium Track: Vallelunga Driver: Scott van Breda
  16. morado77

    Ape Proto Loris Rosati 95 v1

    Voila le skin de Loris Rosati. Le véhicule est disponible ici https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/pessio-garage-ape-proto-terrorcarro.39043/
  17. ninman8

    Lightning McQueen Rust-eze Racing Livery - Assetto Corsa skin for the MX5 Cup 2.0

    Rust-eze Racing 2.0 is Here! What started out as just a joke has become something real! I originally created this livery as joke when I was first learning how to make them. I posted it to this website primarily as a means to be able to download it on to my other computer. To my surprise, it...
  18. Javliar

    Assetto Corsa - Dashboard by Javliar 2.1

    Hi Guys! Join the discord as well! All informations about my creations are there: https://discord.gg/ENaqsceP Dashes for F1 2021 are coming! I spent more than 100 hours redesigning, thinking, writing and rewriting the code, fixing the bugs and creating something for Assetto (as it is my first...
  19. Wacker2611

    Cars Entry level race cars?

    Does anyone know if there are any more really simple, high quality race cars? What I mean by this is like basic commuters, saloons or hatchbacks with a little weight reduction, a roll cage and a racing dash. That means no aero, no higher horsepower and no different body panels. I'd prefer decent...
  20. peppen

    Saetta McQueen (Lightning McQueen) - Ferrari 458 gt2 skin 1.0

    A Ferrari 458 gt2 skin of Saetta McQueen (Lightning McQueen) from Cars