Hi. I have the Logitech g29 steering wheel and pedals by almost one year. At 6 months of usage, I had a first problem, which is was solved in less than one month: the steering disconnected mid races and started recalibration. Now the problem is totally different. I discovered it playing gran turismo sport but it it happens in other games also. When I go full throttle, the output, I mean, the ammount of how much throttle I am using, sometimes drops and with that rotation drops, in f1 games drs closes because I am not full throttle. Is there any way to fix this? Hope you can help me. The games I race are referred in the tags


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  • Logitech potentiometers have a reputation for getting "noisy".
    • exact replacements are unavailable;
      getting proper 'fader cleaner" is appropriate:
    • This is NOT the same as contact cleaner...
  • Most games and e.g. Windows' Game Controllers (joy.cpl) offer calibration
    • adjust that for max reading a little before the physical pedal limit.
Hi mate, literally just two hours ago i finished cleaning my pedals and the problem you mention is over.
So don't be afraid and open your pedals and clean them. It's pretty easy, there is a great amount of videos on YouTube that guide you through the process. Just be careful with the wires in orden to not break them