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gran turismo sport

  1. Do you have what it takes to be a Virtual Olympian?

    Do you have what it takes to be a Virtual Olympian?

    Ahead of the delayed 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee has celebrated the start of its inaugural Olympic Virtual Series. Last month the International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed that motorsport would feature alongside four other sports, in the first ever...
  2. BMW M3 E46 2003 Was Possibly The Last Purist M3 Car

    BMW M3 E46 2003 Was Possibly The Last Purist M3 Car

    Did you know the Last BMW E46 to sell on the market went for $90K? Niether did I. #Titan #BMW
  3. Gran Turismo Sport Review - a simracer opinion

    Gran Turismo Sport Review - a simracer opinion

    GT Sport is one of the biggest racing titles today and ever. After 8 months, I'm giving my 2 censt on it. Support the channel by using the affiliate links ( ...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport | Laguna Seca Set to Arrive Soon

    GT Sport is set for another a new real world circuit in the near future - Laguna Seca is making a welcome return to the franchise. Followers of the current 'World Tour' E Sport series should already be well aware of the next real world location coming to GT Sport... and now the Japanese...
  5. kekman

    Ford fiesta WRC Gran Turismo Sport livery 2019-07-27

    Replaces livery 8/9 Installation: Replace ffr_tex_high_44.pssg & ffr_tex_tm_high_44.pssg in: DiRT Rally\cars\models\ffr\livery_44\textures_high
  6. Vanterkraft

    Gran turismo sport overlay for simhub (HUD) 0.8

    I made overlay (HUD) for simHUB. Works in all games that can work with simHUB This video is outdated Last update: I reworked: - Wheel angle gauge - RPM gauge - Turbo gauge - Fuel gauge - Fonts replaced by similar GTS font - Yumi - png background Fixed: -Wheel angle gauge bug In the future: -...
  7. kekman

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Gr.B Rally Car Gran Turismo Sport 1.1

    This mod replaces Audi Sport Quattro to Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TrailBlazer spec) with default GT Sport Lancer Gr.B Car livery Tarmac: Gravel: Snow: IMPORTANT!!! Don`t use this mod in online races - you may be banned or something Make a backup of following folders: \DiRT...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Five New Cars Headline Latest GT Sport Update

    Polyphony Digital have updated GT Sport - adding five new cars as free content additions to the game. The new update, released recently for the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title, is the latest in a long line of free content updates that have appeared for GT Sport since it first became...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport V1.36 Adds Free New Cars and Features

    The new GT Sport update is available now, and with it comes new content and some pretty cool new features for title. Developed and released exclusively on PS4, GT Sport has been something of a departure from the usual Gran Turismo game concept of recent years. Initially pitched as a game that...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Autopolis and Five New Cars Added to Latest GT Sport Update

    A brand new and rather substantial update has been released for Gran Turismo Sport. The new build, deployed to all owners of the PS4 exclusive GT Sport today, contains a nice collection of new content on both the car and circuit front - adding a real world location in the form of the Japanese...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport December Update Released

    GT Sport has received a new update for the holiday season, adding several new pieces of content and plenty of solid improvements to the PS4 racing title. For anyone who sampled Gran Turismo Sport back on release day in 2017, the current version of the software must seem like a practically new...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport Update 1.30 Now Available

    GT Sport has received a small hotfix today, the new build of the popular PS4 title having deployed this afternoon in an effort to rectify some issues found post November 2018 update. Having recently deployed the latest major game build update back on November 6th, GT Sport developers Polyphony...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport: Barcelona and Nine New Cars Headline Latest Update

    In a bonza day for console racing game fans, GT Sport has joined Forza 7 in the update stakes with a new build, new track and plenty of new free cars coming to the racing title. Build 1.29 of Gran Turismo Sport has arrived today. Continuing a rich vein of update form from development studio...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport Ten New Cars and Fuji Speedway Added in New GT Sport Update

    Gran Turismo Sport has been updated to build 1.28 today, adding new cars, a track and several features and events. The new update, released earlier today for PlayStation 4, comes with multiple new pieces of content in the form of a nice cross section of road and race cars from various decades...
  15. Tony SSS

    My mod "wishlist" and future projects as a modder from next year on

    Hello you all here, my name is Antony and I come from Italy, a pleasure to meet you. I came here because I honestly would love to talk about all of the mods I badly want to see so much in Assetto Corsa by many modders here until next year, when I will try to become a modder too and create mods...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport Teaser Shows Seven New Mystery Cars...

    PS4 exclusive GT Sport have revealed a new teaser image from the upcoming July update... but can you tell what the image contains? Seven new cars, some of which look likely to be weighted towards the historic variety, one suspiciously Formula One esque car and a bit of a Japanese theme - the...
  17. Patrik Marek

    GT Sport Gran Turismo sport is probably my favorite racing game right now

    I just really like it a lot, yes, some of the driving/physics can be quite weird, like the soft racing tires can feel like they are way too grippy, but I take it as a bit more casual game that tries to be realistic, rather then super hardcore simulation that just doens't deliver Yesterday I...
  18. Rogerson Roller

    Gran Turismo Extreme Livery for BMW-M6 GT3 Assetto Corsa - PC 1.0

    Remember that you have to have the car installed in the game if you have not look on the internet. Lembrando que você tem que ter o carro instalado no jogo, se não tiver procure na internet. Installation: Unzip and paste the folder in this directory :----> C:\Program Files...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport Update 1.20 Now Live

    Gran Turismo Sport has been updated to build 1.20 - adding a couple of important hotfix updates to the PlayStation 4 exclusive racing title. Releasing a small 138MB patch to address some of the key issues that occurred during the recent major May update, this new patch mainly looks at repairing...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    GT Sport GT Sport Hotfix 1.16 Released

    Polyphony Digital have released hotfix 1.16 for Gran Turismo Sport, fixing a variety of issues that have arisen since the recent big 1.15 release. Following a bit of a minor mishap where PlayStation 4 gamers were forced to download a mammoth 24gb patch archive just to access the new GT Sport...