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f1 2018

  1. J

    [Question] F1 2018 Texture Looks Blurry Despite Ultra High Settings

    Hi, first post in this forum. I've been bothered by F1 2018 (PC) displaying poor texture quality despite having ultra high settings on the graphics as possible. Wondering if it's a bug with the game or there's some work around to it please? Thanks. If you could pay attention to the Redbull...
  2. I

    Temperature color for tyres

    Hi, To no success I’ve been trying to search the files for the accurate intervals on the temperature colors across compounds, sadly I haven’t been able to find this in the files or on any forum. Haas anyone been able to locate this? I could probably try and screen record a session where I try...
  3. Dimi Movies

    Porsche F1 team 1.00

  4. WooTz Up


    just drag and drop to your assetto corsa folder ;) car: Ferrari SF71-H by ACR v 1.0 visit following page to get more information on the Mods https://www.facebook.com/groups/403042269883364/?ref=share by the way @acr - great mods guys! - looking forward for the SF90 - thanx for that...
  5. Gaara CewoFan

    Classic Seasons mod

    I would like to see a classic season mod for F1 2018
  6. Gaara CewoFan

    Classic Seasons mod

    I would like to see a classic season mod for F1 2018
  7. Gaara CewoFan

    F1 2019 or 2018 game cars for F1 2017

    Is it possible to get F1 2019 and 2018 cars to F1 2017?
  8. F

    Brawn GP black edition v 2.0

    v 1.0 black and yellow Brawn GP edition. This mod change only livery on track. SOON I WILL ADD ALSO: - flow_frontend - flow_post_race v2.0 added incar_driver: -suit -cap -umbrella removed ERP Instalation because weight of DDS files was too big. instalation: Copy F1 2018 folder in...
  9. Neasty

    Anthoine Hubert Career Helmet 2019-06-14

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  10. Gaara CewoFan

    Williams Career Helmet 1.0

    I made a fantasy Williams Career helmet for F1 2018.
  11. PandaPandect

    Mercedes 2018/2019 career helmet 2019-06-04

    Thanks to Gallus for the base design. Soon there will be some pictures and some new flag designs.
  12. Gaara CewoFan

    To Rafiq Channel 1.1

    His youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WAdT4hc5LDLgjyO_nxTHQ/videos I made this language file for Rafiq Channel. This mod only contains the Fantasy/Unrealistic Driver Lineups which it is not matter. Here is the lineup for Rafiq Channel: Mercedes: George Russell / Esteban Ocon...
  13. H

    Avengers Helmet 2019-05-30

  14. Neasty

    Lewis Hamilton 2019 Monaco Helmet ( Niki Lauda Tribute ) 2019-05-26

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  15. N

    Simhub dash for commentators 1.1

    You can use this Simhub dash to give your audience info about the driver you are watching in your stream: name, position, speed, penalties, tyre wear & wing damage (%) ... PS4 and Xbox streamers need to edit the Driver Name binding with their own list of drivers. Drivers must have his/her...
  16. Neasty

    Charles Leclerc Ficitonal 2019 Monaco Helmet 2019-05-18

    reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download file
  17. Gaara CewoFan

    Formula E 2018-2019 Mod (Language File only + Lite) 1.0

    Please edit this mod. I only made the language file. Language File based on my failed Formula Anime Mod. My failed mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-anime-mod-little-failed.26750/
  18. M

    Programm too see AIs Tyre Degradation, using of ERS, using of Fuel etc.

    Hello guys, I have a queastion. I saw a Programm at some guys who are playing F1 where they can see, how much % the tyres have and so on. Online and Offline. Does somebody knows the name of the programm or just can help me? Would be great. Thank you
  19. Gaara CewoFan

    Formula Anime Mod (Little) (FAILED) 1.0

    I tried to make the mod. You can edit this mod. No pictures, but for an example: Sai and Kirigaya will be in Haas, Luffy and Gaara will be in Red Bull, Goku and Keloğlan (The only non-Anime hero) will be in Mercedes, Naruto and Natsu will be in Ferrari and Konohamaru will be in McLaren. EDIT...