logitech g29

  1. O

    Setting up my PS4. What Wheel and Game/Sim to choose?

    Hey hey, Always been into racing games but never had a wheel and never raced online, but now it’s time to join in. I have a PS4 so want to use this. Wheel: First step is choosing a wheel. Not sure what wheel to go for. Logitech G29 seems common and better than both the Thrustmaster T150 &...
  2. bobo83tutu

    History of Logitech Steering Wheels

    The history of Logitech steering wheels, which ones have you had?
  3. FaLLeNGaM8LeR

    Do you need a smoove calibration for your logitech g920 /G29?

    Cool calibration and force feedback settings. Gentle on people and materials
  4. guivencato

    G29 Softer FFB, most accurate.

    Hey guys, i've configured my g29 wheel and I think the configuration is very good to drive without force so much the wheel. If you guys liked or have any sugestion to do, please, give the feedback! :) Hope you like.
  5. Th3_L3g3nd

    Logitech G29: Incorrect steering input when game and wheel are set to 540°

    Hey guys, got a G29 a little while ago and so far I think it's a good value for the money and I like it. Yesterday I tried to set the wheel to 540° since most modern race cars don't really use more than that anyways. The problem with that is, that I'm having totally incorrect steering inputs...
  6. daro1215

    Logitech g29 pedals cable problem

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I found out that something is wrong with my g29 pedals. If I move a cable that comes from pedals sometimes happens that logitech profiler or just games detects like the gas/clutch/brake pedals are pressed, although it actually is not pressed. But sometimes when I move a...
  7. BathonUK

    Huge and very strange problem with steering in Assetto Corsa.

    Hi guys, How are you? I have a big problem with Assetto Corsa and actually, I am not able to play it. Let me explain. I play mostly Dirt Rally, however, some time ago I decided to try other games as well. I have downloaded illegal version of Assetto Corsa to check it out and then my problems...
  8. Raresch

    Logitech G29 snaps on turn exit

    Hi there, I have bought in late December a Logitech G29 and the Assetto Corsa game. I have set the game with FFB Clip and LUT generator and I played ever since. The FFB still felt a little bit odd, but this was my first wheel with FFB ever (the first one without ffb was 10-15 years ago). I...
  9. M

    GT Steering Wheel for Logitech G29 + Magnetic Paddle Shifter

    I made a mod for the G29 because I was unhappy with the tiny wheel of the original G29. It is fully reversible, wont void your warranty and does not require any wiring or soldering skills. I also made a very easy magnetic paddle shifter mod because the ones I found on Thingiverse all swapped...
  10. T

    G29 Gear Change Delay

    Hi everyone, I own a Logitech G29 Wheel and I'd like to know if there's any chance to setup gear shift delay like in a real car. Maybe there's a macro where you can set ~0.2 seconds of delay on shift paddles.
  11. N

    First Wheel

    Hi Everyone, I've been debating what wheel to purchase as a first wheel, I've been playing racing games for a long time now and have always wanted to get a decent wheel to race on. Only recently have I been able to afford to consider purchasing one. My dilemma is what wheel to go for as I'm...
  12. A

    Leo Bodnar Cable

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody is selling or wants to sell a Leo Bodnar G27 pedal cable. I am in desperate need of 1 but don't have the money to buy 1 from new. Thanks Anthony
  13. race.dgz

    Logitech G29 Issue

    My current wheel, a logitech g29 has been constantly changing the neutral steering angle from 0 degrees to 30-50 or 240-280 degrees(240-280 usually occurs during a corner),usually while in a tight corner or riding the kerbs for too long (this is in F1 2016 only so far) it would just straighten...