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  1. F

    LUT file for the G29

    Hello! Ever since I've got my wheel I've been having problems with it (connectivity issues, FFB not working in some games, pedal problems), mainly because of Logitech's shitty software. The problem I'm facing is that everytime I try to generate the CSV file in WheelCheck, the first ~10 values...
  2. P

    g29 cracking sound when i turn on force feedback?

    I was thinking is it possible to fix this problem? I heard a crack when I had the steering wheel 90 degree to the right while loading to a server on assetto corsa then when i loaded in the ffb went to 100 as default and it cracked.
  3. D

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB file, includes: - center dead-zone fix, - modified wheel response curve (more linear) for better balance of forces, works similar to AC/ACC lut file, - removed engine vibration while driving, - added subtle engine vibrations when revving (car parked), - added gearbox FX...
  4. B

    DIY Ford GTE steering wheel replica with PCB

    Hey guys, I´d like to show you my latest simracing project. In the last few weeks I got back into I Racing and decided to race in the ILMS Series with the Ford GTE. Because my BMW M4 DTM rim kinda broke lately, mostly bc of too many loose wires inside it, I decided to make a new rim for myself...
  5. Ross McGregor

    Sell Logitech G29

    Hi, I'm selling my Logitech G29 Wheel & Pedals due to a recent upgrade. I'm looking for £170 (inc UK delivery) and i can also supply a G27 shifter for £200 in total. The G29 is completely unmodifed and in great condition, as it's less than a year old. The shifter is a little scratched on the...
  6. G

    G29 FFB settings (to solve two issues)?

  7. T

    Logitech G29 rotates by itself

    I picked up rfactor 2 on the summer sale and was excited to try it out after watching the Le Mans 24h. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work with my G29. I've read about people having some trouble with matching wheel-rotation, but that's not my problem. If I go into controls and...
  8. Raresch

    Logitech G29 pedals problem

    Hi, This will be a longer post, so please have patience and read it all :D I have the Logitech G29 wheel and some time ago, around 3 months ago, my true accelerator (you will see why "true" is relevant) started to spike on its own between 10-20%. So, after some research, I understand that...
  9. T

    Newbie Looking For Upgrade Path (G29)

    Hey everyone! Very new here and pretty new to sim racing! A little background; I got a Logitech G29 and Assetto Corsa to primarily learn how to drift. This is my main focus and will continue to be, however I'd really like to start a little bit of actual racing in the future as well. I've been...
  10. M

    Aftermarket pedals

    Hi... I got a Logitech G29, there's the possibility to substitute the original pedals with a new aftermarket item? Unfortunately, I'm interested in that because the original ones stopped working, and I don't want to talk now of the exact nature of my problem. ps: we're under quarantine, so the...
  11. MeizerOne

    Problems drifting on Assetto Corsa PS4 (car snaps back)

    So i have been having this problem playing Assetto corsa. When I start the drift, everything works fine, but the problem starts mid drift or at exiting depending on the corner. So basically the car snaps back so hard and with such force that you cannot correct the car. Let me pause here to...
  12. cteters

    Logitech G29 & G920 AXC sim brake mod review

    As a disclaimer, I received this product at no charge for my honest and unimpeded review. Description TrueBrake is manufactured by AXC-Sim, with what appears to be the company’s first attempt at entering the sim racing market, where prior to this, they manufactured drone equipment. This piece...
  13. F

    DIY Wood Sim-Rig with all components and some guideline measurements

    I am into simracing for 1 and a half year now, which is rather short, but it feels like a hobby which I never found, but always needed. I started with a PS3 Controller, then went to the Steam Controller and afterwards I got my Logitech G29 at christmas last year, since then I've absolutely...
  14. Philmm

    Fanatec - an absolute nightmare

    The absolute worst customer service in the world!! Horrible. I had an issue with FANATEC's Podium Racing Wheel F1 with DD1 from the first day I got it, instead of taking ownership of their defective product and replacing it (which every other company in the world would do), I got the run around...
  15. cteters

    Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920 load cell DIY project

    Seeing that I haven’t completed the work, allow me to showcase the work of others in my place, as this is starting to become more of a repository of ideas on the topic. RD member GeekyDeaks showcases a bathroom scale based load-cell project on his github - More details about bathroom scale...
  16. Pale_Blue_Dot

    Strange shifting behavior on the Alfa Romeo 33 stradale

    I've just gotten back into AC after some time away, I'm glad it's still going strong, I got the full version of Content Manager and things are great until now. I have a G29 without the shifter, so for manual transmission cars I use the clutch and paddle shifters. I was driving the 33 Stradale...
  17. N

    VR issues: move/resize HUD layer + navigating with keys/d-pad?

    Probably I'm not the one having these issues... 1. VR HUD distance: In VR (with the 110° FOV) the app toolbar is way too right, so I have to lean a bit forward to reach the mouse on my desktop (in front of my steering wheel), move the mouse to the right edge, but in that position I am too close...
  18. L

    Need help&explanation for my g29 that doesn't countersteer while drifting

    So I have a slight issue about my g29. When I try to drift and slide the rear of the car my wheel doesn't countersteer all the way. I don't feel any grip at all. Is that OK? But it doesn't happen in Dirt Rally 2.0. When I try to slide the car the wheel tends to move the opposite side...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC8 WRC 8 The Game

    Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8. Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation...
  20. cteters

    Logitech FFB motor replacement?

    For those of us who have not yet ascended and are still rocking Logitech, has anyone had any success swapping the ffb motors around? Maybe trying a beefy electric RC car motor or the like? I’m up for the task, but my one main concern for this, is that the plastic rack and pinion gear assembly...