1. Nissan Skyline HR34 on drifttraining_v0.9.5 track | Assetto Corsa

    Nissan Skyline HR34 on drifttraining_v0.9.5 track | Assetto Corsa

    Track: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/drifttraining.47041/ Car from WDTS Pack
  2. M

    G29 brake pedal breaks down after few minutes of playing

    Hello, I noticed that after playing AC for 10-15 minutes, my brake pedal breaks down. When you plug in the wheel, or restart the PC, it works normally as intended. Brake actuates quite nicely, bit stiff but you get used to it. However, I noticed that after some short time, braking gets a lot...
  3. A

    [Help] Changing FFB breaks input

    Hello, very new both here and to PC racing in general. I'm using a G29 w/shifter with the latest driver, Logitech Hub (LGS wasn't working for me), and Windows 10. I'm used to a stronger FFB in the top few degrees of my wheel, AC is currently providing next to no resistance until pretty steep...
  4. K

    Let me introduce myself...

    Greetings fellow gamers I'm new to this community. Long time PC gamer. It's just that recently I've had a serious injury to my left hand, that has made impossible to use keyboard or a gamepad anymore. So I bought myself a wheel...God leaves a window if a door closes I guess. Great assets...
  5. Y

    New Assetto Corsa player on G29.

    Trying to figure out what's the best setup for drifting since I don't know anything lol.
  6. L

    Older 7 pin pedals on G29

    Hi, so I have this crappy old Logitech Formula Force EX steering wheel, and been wanting to upgrade to something budget friendly like DFGT. However I have the opportunity to buy G29 wheel by itself (so no pedals at all) for a steal, I mean a bit less than what DFGT sell for. So my question is...
  7. P

    Assetto Corsa - G29 acting very weird

    As you can see in the title, my g29 is now acting very weird. Before, after configurating it with LUT file it was very easy to turn, the same while driving and when stationary. But now, i don't know what actually happened, it is very hard to turn at the stationary, and also while driving. Like...
  8. JUST 2 LAPS - Assetto Corsa - Optimized Setup for Logitech G920 Wheel - Tutorial

    JUST 2 LAPS - Assetto Corsa - Optimized Setup for Logitech G920 Wheel - Tutorial

    Hi to all Sim Racers using a Logitech G920 / G29 ! If you ever have have been annoyed by the performance of your wheel or the rattling sounds caused by clipping, have a look at my video below and follow the instructions to configure your wheel. You might think you've got another wheel in your hands
  9. P

    Assetto Corsa - G29 Clutch acts like a button

    As in the title, my clutch acts like a button, in content manager, in the "Clutch" section, my clutch appears as "Clutch Pedal". It seems like everything is alright, but no, even if I just press the pedal lightly, it goes straight to 100%. In the other games it works fine. Here is the...
  10. I

    My g29 rotate it self everytime in F1 2021

    Guys I really need help I dont know why but my g29 in the f1 2021 when I open it starts to rotate it self obligating me to reset the game sometimes even doesnt let me play the game because if it rotates everytime I open the game and I have to reset the game everytime that the wheel does that I...
  11. zecunha1107

    Logitech g29 problem

    Hi. I have the Logitech g29 steering wheel and pedals by almost one year. At 6 months of usage, I had a first problem, which is was solved in less than one month: the steering disconnected mid races and started recalibration. Now the problem is totally different. I discovered it playing gran...
  12. lukasmsarto

    My new DIY support

    My DIY PVC support
  13. F

    LUT file for the G29

    Hello! Ever since I've got my wheel I've been having problems with it (connectivity issues, FFB not working in some games, pedal problems), mainly because of Logitech's shitty software. The problem I'm facing is that everytime I try to generate the CSV file in WheelCheck, the first ~10 values...
  14. P

    g29 cracking sound when i turn on force feedback?

    I was thinking is it possible to fix this problem? I heard a crack when I had the steering wheel 90 degree to the right while loading to a server on assetto corsa then when i loaded in the ffb went to 100 as default and it cracked.
  15. DeRuleX

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB file, includes: - center dead-zone fix, - modified wheel response curve for better balance of forces, - removed engine vibration while driving, - added subtle engine vibrations when revving (car parked), - added gearbox FX, - tire scrub effect using built-in variables...
  16. B

    DIY Ford GTE steering wheel replica with PCB

    Hey guys, I´d like to show you my latest simracing project. In the last few weeks I got back into I Racing and decided to race in the ILMS Series with the Ford GTE. Because my BMW M4 DTM rim kinda broke lately, mostly bc of too many loose wires inside it, I decided to make a new rim for myself...
  17. Ross McGregor

    Sell Logitech G29

    Hi, I'm selling my Logitech G29 Wheel & Pedals due to a recent upgrade. I'm looking for £170 (inc UK delivery) and i can also supply a G27 shifter for £200 in total. The G29 is completely unmodifed and in great condition, as it's less than a year old. The shifter is a little scratched on the...
  18. G

    G29 FFB settings (to solve two issues)?

  19. T

    Logitech G29 rotates by itself

    I picked up rfactor 2 on the summer sale and was excited to try it out after watching the Le Mans 24h. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work with my G29. I've read about people having some trouble with matching wheel-rotation, but that's not my problem. If I go into controls and...
  20. Raresch

    Logitech G29 pedals problem

    Hi, This will be a longer post, so please have patience and read it all :D I have the Logitech G29 wheel and some time ago, around 3 months ago, my true accelerator (you will see why "true" is relevant) started to spike on its own between 10-20%. So, after some research, I understand that...