Help me please! I'm going crazy. Satsuma is fully built (+wiring) and won't start


Jul 21, 2017
So the thing is that the Satsuma has been built but I can't ignite it. I tried many things and nothing works. I think I'm not missing anything from the wiring stuff. Maybe it's something related to the battery, but I can't understand the reason. It all seems ok to me.

I really need help here. I'm wasting a lot of time just trying things and getting 0 results. If anyone can help me and tell me what's the problem, I would really appreciate it.

I give you my save to try. The Satsuma is between the shop and the gas station. There you have all you need for car maintenance.
Thank you!



The James May of Simracing
Aug 2, 2015
Does it turn over when you try to start it? Last time I built it the battery from the garage was just dead and wouldn't work. You can check by connecting the battery to the charger in your garage. If the pointer is all to the right the battery is empty, and if it doesn't charge wihtin a few ingame hours it is dead and you need to buy a new one from Teimo.