1. S

    Assetto Corsa Slowing Down Time On Straights

    Hello! So I have an issue when I drive the VRC Formula Alpha 2022 in VR around certain tracks. 2 of these tracks are Paul Ricard and Baku and it only happens on the straights (main straight Baku/ back straight Paul Ricard) So what happens is the time slows down to really slow and then suddenly...
  2. C

    Site and download very slow

    Hello, I had been having slow download issues from Race Department for quite a while now. Are there any solution to improve the download speed? Downloading a less than 100MB file shouldnt take over 2 hours. I even bought Premium thinking that it would resolve this issue but it seemed like the...
  3. Hugean

    Cannot join to server

    I cannot join to server i can play single but when i try to join server system says not responding and forces to close game and it is happening all time what can i do for it
  4. F1PiloteJV

    Shadow / Lights Lods with CM & CSP

    Hi there :) With some mods used in Content Manager, I noticed that shadow and light appear when the car gets closer (Image in the example below). I tried changing the settings in CM & AC but found nothing conclusive. Anyone have an idea where this could be coming from? Or a way to solve it...
  5. A

    Assetto Corsa not auto selecting track in Setup I/O

    I got this F1 2018 track pack, but there's something wrong with it and I can't figure out why it's happening. When go in game, in the Setup I/O tab , it doesn't auto select the appropriate track if it's one of the pack. Itauto selects the "generic" one insted, and it only happens with the...
  6. Lucas Mulati

    Problem with textures and .veh files.

    I am having some strange problem which I simply couldn't solved. Right now I'm making a mod, and all the parts of the cars are ready. I want to use this parts on multiples vehicles, with different textures. The problem is: I have already done the .veh file with the DefaultLivery, Extra0, Extra2...
  7. D

    Thrustmaster T300 ghost button press issues

    So I've had this issue with my T300 before, but it got really bad recently. My wheel is basically detecting non-existing button presses all the time, making it borderline undrivable. Currently, I've had to stop playing rFactor 2 altogether, because there when the two shifter paddles get pressed...
  8. Y

    DFGT settings for drift?

    Hello, I'll get straight to the point. I have my Driving Force GT wheel and I generally use it to drift my asseto corsa, but I have a little problem. I made adjustments to the game so that the steering wheel when doing a drift turns quickly, but for this the force feedback must be at a high...
  9. zakgoedegebuur

    Upload stops at ~10%

    Hi! I've been trying to upload a 130MB .zip file to RD for a few days now, but after a couple minutes (usually once it reaches 8-10%) the blue bar stops progressing, then completely disappears. The name of the file is I've tried using different browsers, rebooting my...
  10. L

    F1 2021 Custom livery crashes my game

    I imported the dds files as shown how to in all tutorials i've seen with the ego erp archiver. I replaced the devon butler livery in the fom_car and all the engine my team cars. But when i open a career or the showroom (the only things i've tried doing in game) the game just crashes. I've...
  11. S

    Assetto Crashing after a few seconds in track day mode

    Howdy! So I'm going into track day mode and after around 5 seconds my game crashes to Content manager. Strangly this is only happening in Track day mode and not in other modes like practice or race mode. I've attached my whole logs folder as I don't know what file I should link otherwise. Log...
  12. ferhn_

    How can I turn off autoclutch in Assetto Corsa?

    Hi, I have problem with my clutch settings in game. I have Logitech G29 and clutch pedal does work perfectly in any other game. Only in Assetto Corsa my clutch is automatic. How can I turn it off? I can't find answer anywhere. Maybe it depends on mod? Thanks
  13. I

    My g29 rotate it self everytime in F1 2021

    Guys I really need help I dont know why but my g29 in the f1 2021 when I open it starts to rotate it self obligating me to reset the game sometimes even doesnt let me play the game because if it rotates everytime I open the game and I have to reset the game everytime that the wheel does that I...
  14. S

    General Problem with steering after content manager installation

    Hi, I have a problem with drifting after content manager installation. Car slides like front tires don't exist. Before that, I could drift consistently. I didn't change any option in the game. I'm using option "pro" and drive with t150 with generated LUT. I already tried removing SOL...
  15. Whirey


  16. Arkangel749

    General Assetto Corsa Immersive Career Project

    Hi all, It's the first time i post here, and I'm posting now for quite a good reason. Last year I had an idea about making a proper career mode for Assetto Corsa. I always loved the immersiveness of the pCars career, as much as I hated how good that game was at breaking the same immersion by...
  17. Das WAHRE PROBLEM an Automobilista 2

    Das WAHRE PROBLEM an Automobilista 2

    The new Racin' USA update for Automobilista 2 has been praised from many corners of the internet. But, many fans do not want to hear criticism of the driving physics... DISCLAIMER: This video is in german!
  18. lordoffatcats

    game crashes on start??? __delayloadhelper2

    CRASH in: OS-Version: 6.2.9200 () 0x300-0x1 ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00007FFBB78C4B89) 00007FFBB78C4B89 (KERNELBASE): (filename not available): RaiseException f:\dd\vctools\delayimp\delayhlp.cpp (315): __delayLoadHelper2 f:\dd\vctools\delayimp\delayhlp.cpp (437)...
  19. Dahe

    Problem with pedals - Eurocase euga 65

    Hello people, I'm new to this forum because I was told this was a good place to post issues. In a hit of nostalgia yesterday I tried to use my old steering wheel (euga 65), but the pedals were out of place. I took them off to put them back, but now they don't work. I think I have a problem...
  20. Dieguin

    Cars Exported nice, but on game brake discs disappear

    Dont know why this happens, yeah they have texture, on kseditor i see them nice, on cm showroom i can see them till i hit align using data, dont understand why, can someone help me?