1. M

    DIY - Magnetic Paddle Shifters with Ball Bearings - Full Design and Build Process

    Here are a couple of videos demonstrating the full design & build process of a pair of Magnetic Paddle Shifters with a Ball Bearings Mechanism. Design process in Fusion 360: (Including all mechanical parts and commands used) Build process: (Including 3D Printing, Assembly, Wiring and Testing)
  2. dontpanic

    DIY Wheel with Simhub & Nextion Display

    Hejhej, I was planning my projekt for my new Racing Wheel and I stumbled over the following sentence on SimHub Wiki: "Arduino Pro Micro : The arduino will emulate a TTL and allow RGB LEDs or buttons to be added" Now, I plan to add rgb leds AND buttons and I am wondering, if every free pin is...
  3. Element SS

    My Car Lights Doesnt Work, Why ?

    Ok So İ already Wired everything. The Car Starts Fine, But None Of The Lights Work Can You Guys Help Me ?
  4. L

    Help me please! I'm going crazy. Satsuma is fully built (+wiring) and won't start

    So the thing is that the Satsuma has been built but I can't ignite it. I tried many things and nothing works. I think I'm not missing anything from the wiring stuff. Maybe it's something related to the battery, but I can't understand the reason. It all seems ok to me. I really need help here...
  5. K

    Pedal wiring question

    I bought some used CSR Elite pedals yesterday that need some love. Here is a photo of the circuit board as well as a reference of what the 4 cables coming off the pedals look like. The accelerator pedal wire has its female plug ripped off, and it seems like the circuit board is missing its male...