F1 | Is Hamilton Past His Prime?

Do you think Hamilton can continue dominating F1 over the next few years?

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Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
Paul, you are awesome...the site is awesome...I'm here multiple times a day, 365 days a year for the blended sim/real coverage that is replicated nowhere else.

That said...

This is a ridiculous question. Look at what Lewis and Merc have done in the hybrid era. They got off to a massive head start in '14, but they have consistently exceeded or at least met every challenge that has come their way. And all without even a whiff of impropriety [casts cocked eyebrow look in the direction of Ferrari].

If the question had used the word "will", I think that's a perfectly reasonable starting point for debate and discussion...but "can"? Good grief, after the last 6 seasons what kind of dire insider knowledge would you need to be privy to to make you think Lewis can't keep dominating? It would have to be something like Merc scaling back investment or Merc signing Verstappen. Barring something of that nature, yeah I'm pretty sure Lewis can keep winning everything. Revisit this question perhaps in 5 years as Lewis closes in on the big four-oh.


Oct 2, 2019
How do I delete my vote?

I came into this thread which titled "Is Hamilton past his prime" to which I answered NO

Then just after I voted I saw some sneaky grey text above the poll that said "Do you think Hamilton can continue dominating F1 over the next few years?" which wasn't the question I answered.

This poll needs to be reset.
Jun 19, 2019
Hamilton is on a vegan diet, seems determined to beat Schumacher's seven championships. I think he'll do it, no problem. No girlfriend, no distractions and in the best car.
He's got an ego, etc., but he's a fantastic driver, just like Schumi. I was not a fan of Hamilton until I saw two things: his reaction when he was given Senna's helmet
and his relationship and interactions with Billy Monger
Hamilton is a great bloke and a worthy Greatest Of All Time F1 driver. And I think Senna would be good with that too. That he is had to face racism throughout his career in a white-dominated sport, just like Tiger Woods, just shows more depth to his character.

Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver of all-time.
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Jun 6, 2015
Lewis improved with experience. Despite begin his F1 career with a second place followed by a championship, after that he has FIVE mediocre years stained by an extreme lack of good judgement of too many driving situations (the same that we criticize about Baby Verstappen).

Over the years he fully changed his mindset and, today, this is the thing that win races for him.

Yes... probably the age is coming, but still his mindset is also improving. And, the most important, there are actually no F1 driver as complete as Mr. Hamilton. There are some names with a lot of promise, but I believe that will not be 2020 that we see him away from championship. Maybe if F1 comes with a different regulation that change all the racing dynamics of the category, as aways happened.


Nov 17, 2009
I think at this point it is hard to say. If Mercedes keeps building world beaters, then yes he will continue to dominate. If one of the other teams builds a much better car than Mercedes, then no. If you are talking about right at this minute, then I think he is right at his prime, since he won the title fairly easily this season. All that can change fairly quickly in this sport. Look at Vettel, his fortunes changed in a big hurry.


Jul 12, 2016
If he takes the next title, then we can start to watching something completely different from formula one. It has become boring and predictable over the years.
I'm a big fan of Ayrton Senna, but I never want to see only his victory. And everyone else to act as extras on stage.


Jun 24, 2017
Is Hamilton past his prime? A ridiculous and redundant question/topic if you ask me, Hamilton being the current & six-time F1-champion. What are you trying to achieve here RD?
I personally find this kind of question/topic not on the level that I thought RD tried to portray.
This only gives rise to alot of speculation which in the end serves no real purpose, except maybe attracting views.
I am sorry RD, but I hope the next topics aim for a higher mark and richer content/discussions.


Apr 24, 2009
Was Fangio past his prime? :)

That's the kind of title you see in a cheap tabloid. I guess you need to broaden the common denominator for more visitors. Way to go (down).
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Mar 28, 2010
It's funny how Lewis Hamilton's been so successful given that he's had the best car since 2014. You'd think it almost like he needs the best car to make sure his name is the only one on the driver's championship trophy... :O_o:

He's talented, yes, but also a massively spoiled man for having the Mercedes when the rules suit their car the best. Would he win the world title in any other car? Potentially, but it would take a lot of whining, and that is putting long term fans off.


Dec 6, 2013
Every F1 driver is certified prima-donna, always have been. Doesn't complain more than any of the others, but gets a lot of air time for obvious reasons.
Leclerk is the worst though, if the forum fad is now to rate drivers on how much they whine on the radio :cool:

LH may retire soon, doesn't care about beating records. Very dangerous sport so may be considering if it is better to quit while ahead.
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Ricardo Rey

Mar 31, 2011
As long as the other drivers keep crashing each other out...he will be fine. But I can see "blue flag, blue flag" leaving soon!

Koen Verlinde

Sep 12, 2011
Nope he ain't, but up to Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris and even Ricciardo to admit in the mirror they're not going to beat thim any time soon.