Do you think Hamilton can continue dominating F1 over the next few years?

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F1 | Is Hamilton Past His Prime?

Lewis Hamilton turned 35 this year... and with young chargers locked into top drives for the foreseeable future, is the end near for the six-time World Champion?

35-years-old isn't exactly old, but is certainly closer to the downswing of a career than the very beginning. With young superstars Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen both locked into long-term deals with (hopefully) competitive cars for the next few years, and talents like George Russell, Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris waiting in the wings, 2020 does start to feel like the begging of a new era in Grand Prix racing.

Hamilton has been the dominant force in Formula One racing for the past few seasons, strapped into the most competitive car in the field, but each year his Mercedes rivals are inching closer and closer... could 2020 mark the end of one of motorsports most dominant team and driver combinations? Or at 35, can Hamilton maintain his form into the sunset of his career?

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Ross Garland

Sep 28, 2009
Bit of an odd question, given that he's currently the world champion. I don't think having young, talented drivers coming up through the ranks makes an older driver past their prime. We see time and again that raw speed alone is not the measure of a successful driver. Experience counts, and Lewis has bags of that. The young guys will certainly give him a lot more competition in the coming seasons, but I think his overall performances show that he is still very much in his prime, not past it.
May 4, 2014
Surely one year more, but who knows who's gonna get the advantage from new rules. People say that Mercedes a little stuck with their progress in 2019. There are still a lot of rumours that Mercedes will leave after rules overhaul and stays as a semi-factory team with McLaren and also as an engine supplier so maybe Hamilton will join another team or will retire. I think he will retire for sure if he will get his 7th title.


Apr 19, 2010
Lewis is always focused!
That makes him a real challenge and a real champion. strong mind also!!

but of course also the combination with the german solid rocket ship.
this team is well organized

But everything will depend on the other two .. Red-Bull and Ferrari .. or Lewis titles keep winning. Max and Leclerc are young, hungry. And are able to grab the title in 2020

Ferrari which is still a chaos..(2018 they had the best car) 2019 cheating
a chaos despite attracting Binotto as team leader and Leclerc as great talent. How is the mood 2020 between the Vettel and Leclerc pitbox garage? and between Vettel and Leclerc on the track?

Is Red-Bull competitive from the start of the season? and Honda has enough power to challenge Mercedes on most of the tracks... not only Mexico and Hungarian Brazil...........
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May 16, 2018
Racing is one disciple where age doesn't really matters, or even an adavantage because of more experience. He is a fast driver and consistent of doing that, also we shouldn't forget that he is sitting in the best car of the F1 roster.

Damage Inc

Nov 22, 2013
Of course he's past his prime, that's determined by his age. Everything about his physical condition WILL deteriorate from now on, even Lewis can't beat the aging process.

BUT the question is will it stop him winning? Probably not for a couple more years at least, as long as his car is competitive. If he keeps going like Valentino Rossi he'll still be able to give the young'uns a fight but winning will be less and less likely as the years go by.

David DeGreef

R3E Racing Club Host US
Dec 12, 2016
To say he is past his prime would be a gross overstatement. With athletes competing longer, we may be asking this question at the end of the decade instead of the beginning.

The bigger question what rule changes will be made that will 'allow' anyone to dominate.