F1 2014 Modding Requests Thread

I would like someone else to give me Emirates Fly Better, Michelin and Heineken 0.0 boards So I can make a fantasy Spanish GP sponsorboards for F1 2014.

2 2019 Hungaroring sponsors of this Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend revealed in this picture: Emirates FLY BETTER & Liqui Moly. So can someone else make this mod?
Can someone else make the 1984 Osella livery, Osella suit, Piercarlo Ghinzani and Jo Gartner's helmets?



SPOILER: @Thang Nguyen should do the 1984 season if he has time, but for F1 2013.
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This thread is for requesting our resident modders to create a mod for you, if they can.

Please do not post anywhere else :)

Hello everyone, im new here, I was wondering if i am the only one or any tweak is needed in order to be able to run RESHADE shaders with VR ?

Every time i try to run the game in VR , reshade dont load, cant find a way to make it happen....

Canyone here can help on that ?>

ThankS !!
Não sei se é possível, eu gostaria de um mod que pudesse colocar o nosso nome em Grand Prix, como podemos colocar em carreira, grato .
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