F1 2014 Modding Requests Thread


Is it possible to add multiple teams to have more than the 11 that the game comes with? Eg instead of replacing Lotus with Renault, I want both these teams in?
I'll give you a tutorial for Red Bull, you can do it other cars:
open F1 2014/cars/rb2/balanced/rb2_bahrain.ctf file with Ryder's CTF Editor (google will help you with a DL link)
In the newly opened file, find com_y (ID=67).
Reducing this value gives you more sparks. Reduce it until you feel that it's perfect.

Now do the same in F1 2014/cars/rb2/track/rb2_bahrain.ctf.
Man for me this have change the grip for the car exemple the car turning more fast than the normal
sorry for bad english
Two questions to the Super-Season 2017 Mod from Pedro:
1) When I drive to the pitstop, all pitcrews are in red clothes. When I driver nearer, the clothes are correct. What can I do to solve this little problem?
2) Car-Setups can not be saved. Is it possible to change that somewhere?


Hi, I am searching for a fictional (non-Martini) Williams livery. But not necessarly just Williams, you can consider the fact that the team has been buy by another brand (except Porsche). The only thing is that it will be motorised by Ferrari (just on the skin, I can modify the database by myself). I don't know if it is possible to make it on a Torro rosso chassis ? But it must replace Williams.

I know it is a really specific demand ahah But I know there are some amazing skinners here.
Already thanks for your answers, have a nice day :)


Can anyone make a database with these tiers and car performances (1= best 0.99=less good)
Red Bull: 1
McLaren and Force India: 0.98
Sauber and Caterham: 0.96
Lotus: 0.95
Mercedes: 0.93
Ferrari: 0.91
Toro Rosso and Williams: 0.85


Thank you in advance
Good Morning.I want to know if you can to make a mod
which disables the recovery of AI.
If they hit I want them to stay on the track for about 3 laps.
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