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ETS 2 | More 'Road to the Black Sea' DLC Previews: Trains & Trams

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
The 'Road to the Black Sea' DLC preview images keep on coming! This time round, we take a look at some of the various trains and trams dotted around these beautifully detailed environments.

We've seen plenty of the upcoming new map expansion for European Truck Simulator 2 in recent months (see links below), and as SCS Software continue to develop and improve the new DLC in preparation for launch later this year, we now get the chance to check out some of the train and tram transportation that will appear within the content.

ETS 2 Trams 3.jpg

Of course, these trains and trams won't be driveable in the 'Road to the Black Sea' DLC, but I'm sure you'll agree that these types of scenery are essential for adding that extra bit of life and atmosphere to the city scenes, and it looks like SCS have once again pulled it off in impressive fashion.

Shown in the images within this article are the cities of Cluj, Galati, Iasi and Timișoara, and give a great example of the differing kinds of public transportation that make up the vibrant Romania.

ETS 2 Trams 2.jpg

We still don't know exactly when the 'Road to the Black Sea' is expected to become available to purchase within ETS 2, apart from an anticipated '2019' release - and seeing as we are already almost at the end of November, it looks like we haven't got long left to wait in order to try these new locations out for ourselves!

If you can't wait, and in case you missed it earlier, be sure to check out the other 'Road to the Black Sea' preview images we've published recently, links below;

European Truck Sim 2 is available exclusively on PC.

Keep on truckin' folks - but spare a minute to pop over to the ETS2 sub forum and get the conversation with our awesome community flowing!

ETS 2 Trams 4.jpg
ETS 2 Trams 5.jpg
ETS 2 Trams 6.jpg
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Cant wait, it looks gorgeous, this game SIM is never finished :)

I saw lately there is now also a Seat Leon 1M in the game, my current daily driver (non turbo version)
(also saw there is a drive able mod of it but cant get it to work (yet)

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