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ETS 2: 'Road to the Black Sea' Border Crossing Previews

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 1.jpg

SCS Software have revealed preview images from the upcoming 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' European Truck Sim 2 map expansion DLC.

Having been somewhat prolific in recent months for their rate of development and content releases across both their American Truck Sim and European Truck Sim 2 games, the next map expansion for ETS 2 is already well underway in the development process - the latest previews of which are the border crossings unique to the region.

Famed for attention to detail and representing some of the key landmarks and special interest areas of the regions in which they create for both simulations, the latest spotlight today is border crossings, and the various differences throughout the routes within the game.

Not always an exciting topic, you've just got to admire the detail here regardless...

ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 2.jpg
ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 3.jpg
ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 4.jpg
ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC 5.jpg

ETS 2 is available on PC now.

To keep on top of the latest news regarding this exceptional simulation, head over to the European Truck Sim 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and join in with the community discussion.

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Im so glad that even after ATS ETS2 is still getting love updates and DLC. Once they are done with most west europe bar russia i think it would be quite literally as good as any european road driving game could get. I still remember when the multiplayer mod was in pre alpha closed testing and i was amazed that it was even possible.


Hope they can fix the blurry, blocky vision which we have in VR right now. Talking of jaggies. Many sims look much better in that regard.

Nonetheless I'm happy with every new content this game gets. :thumbsup:
I've barely scratched the surface, but the whole driving-relaxing-listening to tunes-deliver stuff gameplay is great and I'm only doing Quick Jobs.
I finally succumbed after having this on my wishlist for ages and grabbed it at the weekend.
I started in the South east of England and did a few jobs there, before venturing into France for a few. Reverse parking is so much easier in VR, bloody nightmare on a controller on my laptop!

Speaking of which the transition between VR and Pancake is just fine, i can happily play on the sofa and drop a load of grain off to Paris or just as easily jump in the sim rig and get very decent framerates in VR whilst taking in the splendid scenery.

I'm also not over playing it, doing a couple of drops then exiting and playing something where, as i feel this game has better longevity in shorter stints. Liking it thus far.
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