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ETS 2 | Road to the Black Sea: Plovdiv to Istanbul Preview

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
SCS Software have revealed yet more preview footage from the upcoming 'Road to the Black Sea' DLC.

Featuring Plovdiv to Istanbul, these new previews for European Truck Sim 2 takes a look at the latest in a long line of map and content expansions for the truck driving game from SCS Software.

When the Road to the Black Sea DLC releases, potentially later this year, the new expansion will bring to the simulation a range of new road networks and industry to the title, adding considerably more playable real estate to a game that has been constantly updated and improved since it initially launched all the way back in October of 2012.

Set to feature the countries of Romania, Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey, the new pack will also allow players the opportunity to engage in different forms of industry within the game world, potentially giving opportunity for new cargo load and certainly plenty of new scenery to explore and enjoy.

ETS 2 Road to the Black Sea 2.jpg
ETS 2 Road to the Black Sea 3.jpg

As development ramps up prior to the expansion releasing, SCS Software have revealed a new preview video as we get a first good look at the roads between Plovdiv and Istanbul with the game. The usual attention to detail is present as is the case with any new SCS Software developed content, so enjoy!

ETS 2 Road to the Black Sea 5.jpg

European Truck Sim 2 is available exclusively for PC.

Start a thread and get the conversation flowing in our ETS 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment!

Sim Trucking is Awesome!

ETS 2 Road to the Black Sea 4.jpg

Deleted member 955978

Thx for the update Paul.
It looks awesome. Such a great game/sim!
Still struggling which the Win10 update on my outdated machine. When it will work, it will be joyride in VR.
the cities look so great from a distance but driving through would be nice too. More through cities and villages.
the hungary map hats made before.

but I'm still looking forward to the DLC :)