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European Truck Simulator 2: Turkey Previews

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
ETS 2 Turkey 4.jpg

Keen not let the recent Washington expansion hog all the limelight, SCS Software have revealed some preview images from the upcoming Black Sea ETS 2 DLC.

Wrapping up new content at a record rate in recent months, SCS Software have been at the sneak peek preview game once again, this time shedding some light on Turkey that is set to form part of the 'Beyond the Black Sea' map expansion DLC for European Truck Simulator 2.

With the new expansion set to contain the European portion of the county and a number of key landmarks and cities, this new expansion region is again shaping up to be a very pleasing addition to a simulation that is continuing to grow strongly since its release back in 2012.

ETS 2 Turkey 1.jpg
ETS 2 Turkey 2.jpg
ETS 2 Turkey 3.jpg
ETS 2 Turkey 5.jpg
ETS 2 Turkey 6.jpg
ETS 2 Turkey 7.jpg

ETS 2 is available on PC now.

To keep on top of the latest news regarding this exceptional simulation, head over to the European Truck Sim 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and join in with the community discussion.

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"Road to the Black Sea' rather than "Beyond the Black Sea', I comment as at first, I thought this must be the next DLC after Bulgaria. Confusion presumably coming from the last DLC, which was "Beyond the Baltic Sea".
Did you know that there is no such thing as the "European continent" or the Asian continent as Eurasia is in fact a single continent? Those borders are entirely arbitrary.

You probably didn't want to know this, but now you do!

Fundamentally they are all known as "continents" and the terminology used as such so its a very banal, off point discussion.

Ive started leaning a bit more towards ATS of late, unsure why. I think i enjoy the larger trucks, and longer rolling cruises. Washington has been very enjoyable up to now.
If you want a bigger map but with great attention (there are many map mods that lack depth) to detail in ETS2, you should check out ProMods if you haven't done so already.