E3 2018: Studio 397 Announce BMW M8 GTE for rFactor 2

Paul Jeffrey

rF2 Endurance Pack - BMW M8 GTE 4.jpg

Then there were five... Studio 397 have confirmed the final car of the upcoming 'Endurance Pack' DLC.. the wonderful new BMW M8 GTE.

Joining the Porsche 911 RSR and Chevrolet Corvette C7.R in the GTE field, alongside the LMP3 specification Norma M30 and the now hugely popular in real world racing circles Oreca 07 prototype, the M8 GTE is the first official inclusion to rFactor 2 of the BMW brand, and goes a long way towards fleshing out the increasingly impressive collection of endurance racing content coming to rFactor 2 of late.

The BMW is another very pleasing step in recent months towards high profile manufacturer licences for rFactor 2, a step the simulation badly needed to make if it was to continue its upward trajectory following the acquisition of the rights to develop the software by Studio 397 became public knowledge at the 2016 Sim Racing Expo in Germany.

rF2 Endurance Pack - BMW M8 GTE 1.jpg

The "Endurance Pack" DLC will be the second long distance racing themed paid content added to rFactor 2 when it releases in the not too distant future, joining the popular GT3 Power Pack that Studio 397 used to signal their intentions to beef up the GT racing aspect of the title - a discipline of motorsport that fits perfectly with the features and functionality of the simulation.

Announcing the final car from the upcoming release during the hype of the E3 2018 event in LA, a period of time sure to be rich in Sim Racing and racing game news is a shrewd move by Studio 397, helping direct plenty of attention to a pack of cars that is sure to be seen as a welcomed addition to a title that is rapidly progressing over the last 12 months or so.

No release date has been confirmed for the upcoming DLC as yet, however as always stay tuned to RaceDeparment.com for all the latest news and discussions as they break...

rF2 Endurance Pack - BMW M8 GTE 2.jpg
rF2 Endurance Pack - BMW M8 GTE 3.jpg

rFactor 2 is available exclusively for PC from Steam now.

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Happy to hear the BMW will be coming to rF2? Looking forward to the Endurance Pack DLC? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Happy to hear the BMW will be coming to rF2? Looking forward to the Endurance Pack DLC?

yes very happy :thumbsup:
I love endurance racing and rFactor 2 is the best simulation for endurance racing!!
varied pack and awesome license!!
Le Mans is coming this weekend I hope a release on Friday or Saturday :D
Now we just have to release quality tracks and a competitive online and it will be perfect!
Good Job S397
I was hoping for the ford GT but completely forgot about this beaut! Very nice indeed!

As said before, the Ford GT will be released by URD.
They already shared an early version for testing to Onwheels.tv and gave some hints that it's part of a GTE pack that will complement S397's pack (different cars) and they will all have BoP, so happy days are ahead. :)

Dirk Steffen

Porsche Factory Jackass™
Could S397 be looking to become the WEC sim title?
At the moment it's unofficial but is it a possibility that they are going in that direction?

Looking forward to this pack and will probably instabuy on release to support the team.

What studio 397 does looks official to me - the GTE pack cars that will be released all look to be officially licenced (by the car manufacturers).
Likely the accompanying URD car pack will NOT be licenced (using fantasy car names and livieries).

For any more than what it looks to be at the moment studio 397 would have to get a licence from the FIA to license the WEC series per se and that is highly unlikely seeing the budget constraints the small studio has with limited sales.

I love what they are doing - the GTE pack will be an insta buy for me as will be the URD GTE pack.
I hope URD will be more professionell about their communication this time around and will not let this pack slowly fizzle out as they have done with their former content.

Now we only need that complete rF2 UI overhaul (I cringe every time I have to use the car selection menu or even worse the filtering menu for custom grids).

Maybe studio 397 could get into a cooperation with Ilya of Assetto Corsa Content Manager fame - now HE is a guy who understands simracing and complex user interfaces.
I would LOOOOOOOVE a Content Manager for rF2 !