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bmw m8 gte

  1. Erik_27

    BMW M8 GTE Dashboard V1

    Just download , double click and install to SimHub. Please be sure to check the box to install the fonts. Enjoy it! For any doubts please contact me via Discord: Erik_27#5855
  2. krissboo

    #13 + #27 Deutsche Post M8 GTE / URD Bayro EGT 2018 Liveries 1.1

    So I got a request to make a Deutsche Post livery for the URD M8 GTE (Bayro EGT 2018) mod and as no one had made one for this car in AC I decided to take up the challenge. Whilst looking for reference images I found a livery made by Speedyx56 and based my design on their one because it looks so...
  3. Rfactor 2 VR - Sebring Nightfall - BMW M8 GTE

    Rfactor 2 VR - Sebring Nightfall - BMW M8 GTE

  4. Ginology

    Want to race in style? Lando's McLaren paint for BMW M8

  5. Brototype

    S397 IMSA 2020 GTLM pack 1.6

    After having dealed quite a while with the skins from last years season I needed something to bring me back to present. :) This skin pack is fully compatible with the new UI and contains 8 liveries for the S397 Porsche 911 RSR, the BMW M8 GTE and the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Corvette C8.R...
  6. Brototype

    S397 & URD IMSA 2019 GTLM pack 1.6

    This is a skin pack for some S397 cars and the URD EGT Detroit mod. The pack is fully compatible with the new UI and contains 17 liveries for the Porsche 911 RSR, the BMW M8 GTE, the Corvette C7.R, the Ferrari 488 GTE and the Detroit EGT. Credits: @Arturo Pereira for painting four of the...
  7. MrBraindown

    URD Bayro EGT/BMW M8 GTE - 4 Fantasy Liveries 2019-10-09

    Right, I'm no professional skinner, but I've made literally hundreds of liveries for my own consumption - all totally made up. I've never shared any before, mainly due to worries about the quality - but a couple of friends of mine wanted copies of these to enlarge their BMW GTE field on the back...
  8. J

    URD Bayro EGT 2018 - BMW MTEK Le Mans 2019 4K 1.1

    Le Mans skin for URD's Bayro EGT 2018 in 4K No 81 No 82
  9. Brototype

    S397 BMW M8 GTE BMW Team RLL 1.2

    Here are the liveries the RLL Team ran on their BMW M8 GTEs in this years IMSA season at Road America. Again I got trackside footage from @Crivitz Chris, so thanks to him to provide it! The pack now (v1.2) also includes the black #24 version from Laguna Seca (Jesse Krohn). Number panels are by...
  10. speedyx56

    #84 M8 GTE Deutsche Post 1.01

    Note : I will not be updating this in the future until S397 stops breaking custom liveries with every update. @Ace King seems to still have some patience to keep up with that so get this livery from their skinpack. More Deutsche Post livery I first made on an edited press picture...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    BMW M8 GTE Coming to iRacing This March

    iRacing have released images of the upcoming new BMW M8 GTE that is set to hit the sim very soon indeed.. Expected as part of the major March build release update, the wonderfully purposeful looking BMW M8 GTE is set to become yet another welcome edition to the endurance racing car set within...
  12. Thomas Vasileiadis

    SimHUB - F1SG BMW M8 GTE Dashboard 1.0

    BMW M8 GTE carbon wheel will be ready soon,so i finish BMW M8 GTE dashboard for SimHUB. Dashboard details : -Resolution 1024X600 (Will release to other resolutions too) -5 data screens (Idle , Main , Fuel , Temps , Opponents) -2 Pop-Up screens for ABS , TC , Brake Bias when value change -Pit...
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    E3 2018: Studio 397 Announce BMW M8 GTE for rFactor 2

    Then there were five... Studio 397 have confirmed the final car of the upcoming 'Endurance Pack' DLC.. the wonderful new BMW M8 GTE. Joining the Porsche 911 RSR and Chevrolet Corvette C7.R in the GTE field, alongside the LMP3 specification Norma M30 and the now hugely popular in real world...
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Alex Zanardi Looking for Daytona Debut in 2019

    Former double IndyCar Champion, Grand Prix racer and multiple Paralympic gold medal winner Alex Zanardi has begun a programme aimed at returning the legendary Italian to top level motorsport in 2019. Since losing both legs in a horrific accident at Lausitzring in 2001, Zanardi has long been...