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DTM | GT3 Regulation Shift For Post 2020 Season

After a protracted and at times painful demise of the Class One regulations, ITR Chairman Gerhard Berger has confirmed the DTM will transition to GT3 style cars next year, bringing an end to the spectacular prototype touring car rules.
  • DTM will continue into 2021.
  • New rules will adopt 'GT3 Pro' regulations.
  • Audi and BMW leave ITR.

The king is dead, long live the king. After much negotiation and several false dawns, the German DTM series will be reborn next season, dropping the impressive but expensive Class One regulations in place of what the championship describe as 'GT3 Pro' rules - essentially moving the series away from their traditional touring car roots as a new era begins for the series.

DTM Middle.jpg

DTM has been in trouble for a long time, with the much hyped but ultimately doomed Class One regulations failing to attract or indeed retain manufacturers to the category, compounded by the news that Audi will be walking away from the championship at the conclusion of the current season.

With little in the way of fresh interest from brands in the immediate future, former Arrows, Benetton, Ferrari and McLaren driver Gerhard Berger has been working hard at the head of governing body ITR to find a way to retain the DTM name in modern motorsport - and that work has now born its first fruits, with an announcement on Saturday evening that from next year the championship will run to a modified GT3 specification, with a focus on customer teams supported in part by manufacturers where appropriate.

Berger himself is putting his money where his mouth is with confirmation that his own BMS outfit will take over responsibility for the series - something the 10-time Grand Prix winner is confident will help DTM reverse the slide it has experienced in recent years.

“During the past months, we have been discussing various strategic options for the future of the DTM in complex negotiations. Said Berger.​

"In the past days, I have had very constructive talks with Audi and BMW. Both manufacturers enable for me to take over the full responsibility for the future of a race series in which, for the moment, primarily GT cars will be running.​
That Audi and BMW are supporting a scenario for continuation is great news for all the employees and motorsport fans. In the future, no longer the factories, but independent professional privateer teams will be competing for victories on the platform. For me, it was important that both manufacturers commit to this concept, in order for the GT models of these brands to race here as well. I have this commitment. Therefore, I express my sincere thanks to the manufacturers: with their decision, they not only have contributed essentially to securing the jobs at the ITR and the DTM partners, but also enable fans and supporters to continue to enjoy top-level motorsport. Now, I am looking forward to working on a sustainable strategy for the future, together with our strong partners like Sat.1, one that will thrill the fans.”​
Berger has already confirmed the series will retain the current racing structure in place for DTM 2020, with sprint races forming the backbone of the new era - setting the series apart from more traditional platforms such as the ADAC GT Masters and GT World Challenge championships.

DTM Middle 2.jpg

As for the cars themselves, Berger has suggested that although GT3 regulations will form the basis, DTM hope to apply several changes to maintain a suitable difference between this category and established GT3 based series - with more power and an appetite to keep costs at a minimum some of the main drives behind the announcement.

Both Audi and BMW have reportedly committed to providing support to customer teams within the category, however, at this point Berger is remaining tight-lipped as to the prospect of other brands joining the grid - only going so far as to confirm he has received "interest" from manufacturers not currently competing under the DTM banner.

An interesting change, but a sad loss to see the end of what has been a spectacular era since the DTM returned in 2000 - it will be curious to see how this category continues and moves forwards in the years ahead.

Original Source: DTM

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Günthar Rowe

True2Life Racing
Supercars should take a leaf out of DTM's book.
Head back to the touring cars style of the 80’s and 90’s. Where the cars looked very different and specs were very different too. BMW v Holden / 2.5l v 5.0l and still some of the best racing! GT3 with BoP does a very good job at this. Personally I’d like to see a GT3.5... GT4 (very close to the road going versions) with allowance to run GT3 wings and splitters and other aero attachments. Basically more aero GT4. Maybe a little more power but meh...
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If this means to cut down the cost to run a team for a season and encouraging more teams to participate, then I'm in


I like GT3 cars as much as the next guy but not super excited about yet another GT3 series, because there's not exactly a shortage of them as is. The cars in DTM truly set it apart from other series, now it'll be just one more GT3 series like umpteen others. That said, it's quite understandable why they done it.
Voted Yes, it's gotta go somewhere so at least it's going to a sustainable series format that's well known worldwide.

Hopefully the changes they make to the regular GT3 will set it apart from the endurance stuff, at the end of the day as long as manufacturers/teams come back and the racing is exciting then that's all that matters, they can race milk floats for all I care as long as it's exciting!


It wouldn't take much to differentiate from GT3. Loose the TC and ABS, de-restrict the engines for a bit more HP and if that's not enough maybe tweak the aero for a slightly distinctive look in the way a GTE Porsche looks different to a GT3 one (mid-engine notwithstanding)
It's rubbish. A DTM should be a touringcar based race series. Even if they change to GT3 cars, after a couple of years, the cost of the cars might be too high. And besides we already have a good ADAC GT Masters Serie. There are too many GT3 car series around.


So Germany will have two main GT3 championships, ADAC GT Masters and DTM... let’s hope they can make some changes to the car to gain some performance

UMC 22

Voted no. I just don't see the point. I'm no great fan of the cars they use now and feel DTM lost itself decades ago, but as others have said... yet another GT3 series? Yawn. :sleep:

For me this just smacks of desperation to keep a great name (DTM) alive, no matter what the cost to it's heart and soul. (And probably to keep Berger in a job too.) I'd rather they let the name die with at least some dignity remaining.
voted yes, but hoping they will see the light and after a year consolidate the existing gt3 series in germany into one. there are too many competitors in a niche market. personally, among the people i meet, i don't know anyone who could name a race series other than formula one anyway, so i doubt there is room for more than one of these series. adac is a very established brand (german auto club) that has many members, one should really put that sticker on the whole enterprise rather than dtm.
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Voted NO!!! I have watched DTM series for many decades and found the prototype cars very unique and fun from the usual stuff out there. GT3? Sorry, we already have plenty of that in the market. This adds no value and meaning. I am sure there are better options to consider but this looks like pure desperation and short term thinking. Just kill DTM completely, go rebrand and build your new circus elsewhere.
That's the problem of having a whole series that is fully dependent on manufacturers funding the teams.
Hopefully GT3 regs work but if they wanted to remain unique in Europe maybe could have tried something like Supercars instead
If only SuperGT would have listened to me back then, I always said Class One was a bad idea.
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Was never a fan of the prototype cars I must admit. I voted no as I think they should go down the proper touring car BTCC style route. However I can imagine the GT3 route was probably the easiest way of keeping the show on the road for the short term, not exactly a shortage of GT3 machinery out there.