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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Paul Jeffrey, May 1, 2018.

  1. BillGuy


    It turns out you actually don’t need to modify any files to work around this issue. Just re-enable auto-ignition and make sure you still have controls mapped for ignition and starter. When you click the right “arrow” button and enter the cockpit in a practice or qualifying session, just immediately use your ignition control to turn the car off. You can now sit as long as you want watching the HUD to judge when you want to exit pit lane.

    I know this is probably “captain obvious” material. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone else had it stuck in their head like I did that the auto-ignition setting was the only way to sit in the cockpit at the beginning of practice and qualifying and not have the engine running. It's pretty easy to forget you can use the individual ignition control to turn the car off.
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  2. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    The more obvious solution is to have Reiza reprogram the cars without onboard starters to be on by default when on the start grid. Everything works perfectly and as it should except for this one element. Since they are not going to simulate the grid circus and people with manual starters, the cars should be on by default.

    The equivalent would be to pull into the pits for repairs and just sit there with nothing happening because there is no animated pit crew mechanics.
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