DIY LMP2 syle steering wheel build (complete)

Hi all. I've been working on a DIY steering wheel project for some months and now it's done so want to share my work. The wheel I made is inspired by Cosworth CCW MK2 which is mainly used in many LMP2 cars. I reckon all of you want to see the final product so here it is!:)
Cost report / Parts list can be found here
Download magnetic paddle shifter 3D files (.stl) here

All the links are for Japanese pages but most of them can be found in any countries.
The whole build only cost approximetely $300.
Thinking about selling data of the wheel for 3D print and laser cut (EDIT* The model was updated with better paddle shifter and side covers to hide all the mess inside. The price is now 30Euro.) Incase you’re interested, please contact me for further info (Dimentions need to be adjusted depending on buttons, encoders, display, Quick release you desire to use)
If you want a complete wheel, please contact me too.

NOTE: After building quite a few steering wheels, I though I should redesign this wheel fundamentally. The data and the complete wheel will be available soon. Thanks for your patience.

Contact : taichisteering* (Change * to @)

Photo 14-01-2019, 15 22 54.jpg

Photo 14-01-2019, 15 23 02.jpg

Photo 15-01-2019, 23 14 39.jpg
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First off, I made a 3D data of the wheel on CAD (Fusion 360). I tried to make it as close to the real one as possible so I looked on Cosworth’s page to find the dimensions etc, but only found the diameter which was 279mm. Thus I set the diameter first, then I made the entire part based on the picture.
Photo 01-12-2018, 19 27 29.jpg

Photo 13-12-2018, 13 53 31.jpg

The wheel consists of 2 main plates, 1 LED/display cover, 4 parts for grips, 6 parts for paddle shifters, 2 button housings, 3 rotary encoder knobs, and 1 rotary switch knob which is same as those for rotary encoder but the hole to slot in the shaft is made a bit bigger to match the size. I made all of the 3D data including Paddle shifter by myself.
I exported the 3D data of main plates and the LED cover to .dxf file which is normally used to do laser cut. Other parts were all 3D printed. I will publish all of the files soon so if you’re interested, make sure to keep the eye on that.
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For electronics, I used 2 Arduino based electronic board. Arduino Nano for RGB LEDs, ProMicro for buttons and encoders. I connected two 8-LED modules to make it into 16-LED module. The full instruction on both can be found here:
(Button box),
(LEDs) thanks to Amstudio. I used 10 buttons, 1 rotary switch and 3 rotary encoders. There was only one GND on rotary switch so I only used 5 points to make it simple. (I couldn’t figure out how to use all 12 points with one GND) The original plan for the display was to use Nextion display but 4.3 inch one costs $50-ish so decided to utilise my old iPod touch connecting via Simhub. The dash template can be downloaded Here . And of course, make sure to help @Wotever by donation, his work is absolutely outstanding.
Also, I designed LMP2 style dash too. It has three pages and can be toggled by a rotary encoder. The dash depends on driver preferences in real life so I just made it similar to what you see in rF2 Oreca 07.
Photo 16-01-2019, 22 03 36.jpg
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After receiving main plates, I assembled components for tesing.
Photo 11-01-2019, 16 11 13.jpg
Photo 11-01-2019, 16 11 06.jpg

Main plates were supposed to be Aluminium but I wasn't careful and ended up ordering Aluminium composite. (FOREX sandwitched by Aluminium plates) I thought it's too week or might bend too easily. However, luckly, panels were as stiff as Aluminium and they were lighter. So I decided not to re-order the plates in Aluminium.
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After covering panels with carbon fibre look vinys, I started to put all together.
Photo 14-01-2019, 14 46 48.jpg

Covering sides was not on my plan just because it would make it hard to fix/adjust when something goes wrong that’s why I mainly used black wire only so that it doesn’t look rainbow inside. Two Arduinos are connected to a USB hub for the connection via 4pin Aviation plugs I found on ebay and a coiled cable.
Photo 10-12-2018, 16 48 00.jpg
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I'm still a student and didn't want to spend money on expensive quick release system so I designed it.
Photo 15-01-2019, 23 14 39.jpg
Photo 15-01-2019, 23 12 48.jpg

The mechanism is quite simple, an Aluminium block with M4 x4 and Φ6.2 x2 hole on wheel side, M6 x2 on the base side. The blocks are attached to a small plate with holes to put steering wheel / base motor shaft. Steering wheels can be attatched / released by just tightening up two M6 bolts. It is not that quick but still, more reliable than the default system on Thrustmaster wheels as well as it is sold as a rock. This can be cheap too. I could've made the Aluminium block at school but they don't let my use for hobby so ordered at a small manufacturing factory and it only costed $23 each.
I ordered two of these, one for this LMP2 wheel, another one for GT style wheel.
Photo 15-01-2019, 23 14 29.jpg
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That's pretty much it. Feel free to ask me any questions. Also hope you guys' project will go well. I'm thinking about posting Youtube video about this build but not sure just yet.
Also thinking about selling 3D data. (for 3D print, Laser cut) It may take sometime until I publish so If you're really interested and want them right now, please contact me.
At the moment I'm mainly driving LMP3 in VEC so probably LMP3 wheel would be the next one although I've already designed pedals.
Photo 07-01-2019, 00 38 04.jpg

Photo 07-01-2019, 00 38 07.jpg

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I don't remember where I found those files, but I saved them at the time. Maybe these will be helpful for a second build... :$

Your work is impressive, that's a fact.

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