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steering wheel

  1. maxtouareg


    Hello everybody! I bought a VW Touareg Steering Wheel from 2005 with an Airbag inside. I would like to use that as my steering wheel on my racing sim. Do you guys think it is ok to have an unpluged airbag inside the sim steering wheel? What are your thoughts? Please let me know! :) PS: I want to...
  2. T

    Insane Input Lag

    Whenever my game drops below a clean 60FPS, my steering wheel gets huge input lag. I use mods, including MOP. It's unplayable, anyone know what to do?
  3. Feint

    RSS F2 Cockpit Upgrade 1.0

    You have finally worked your way up from Karts, through F4 and F3. You impressed the team owners on your test and were chosen for a leading F2 team. On your first day at the team factory, you get fitted for your seat. One of the engineers comes over to you and asks you how you would like to...
  4. Z

    Crashing without error

    Hey, there's a problem. In short, when I connect the usb steering wheel, the Assetto Corsa crashes in the 64-bit version, but when I turn on the 32-bit, everything is smooth
  5. Biro

    Wanted Porsche GT3-R Steering Wheel or the GT4 Cayman variant

    I'd like to get a proper GT3 or GT4 wheel like the ones in the racing cars. I have a Podium DD1 and a podium hub as well as the advanced paddle shifters module that I could use with the wheel, so can pick up options without shifters or connector. There are 3d printing CADs online that I could...

    Authorized Vendor Simplace | The Largest Sim Racing Hardware Collection | Check it Out!

    Hi there sim fanatics! If you are looking for a new steering wheel, than we have something cool for you ;) The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is one of our best selling sim racing steering wheels at the moment! The Audi GT3 Steering Wheel is 300mm diameter and is...
  7. B

    DIY Ford GTE steering wheel replica with PCB

    Hey guys, I´d like to show you my latest simracing project. In the last few weeks I got back into I Racing and decided to race in the ILMS Series with the Ford GTE. Because my BMW M4 DTM rim kinda broke lately, mostly bc of too many loose wires inside it, I decided to make a new rim for myself...
  8. H

    Customization pack for Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose 3.0

    These are for the fantastic Pessio Garage RD1 Porknose. With this pack you can visually customize Porknose, both cockpit and exterior. Huge amount of different possibilities. How to use: paste the files to skin folder. Includes: Cockpit: gauges dashboard fabric/material steering wheel and...
  9. Emery

    Recommend a steering wheel wrap?

    My Fanatec BMW rim's alcantara has a few wear holes and the stitching is beginning to fall apart. Can anyone recommend a wrap or similar treatment to replace the alcantara?
  10. X

    Making my own formula steering wheel.

    Hello everyone, So recently, since I have a lot of free time I got an idea to make a formula steering wheel for my g29. The problem occurs when it comes to wiring all the buttons and encoders. At the begining I wanted to use one of Arduino boards since they are quite cheap. But when I did some...
  11. M

    Sell All of my Fanatec Gear ($1499.99 plus shipping for the whole bundle...)

    I have way too much Fanatec gear sitting in my storage room and some of it is quite nice... all xBox, where applicable... the prices below include shipping and handling. If you want more than one, but not all, I will do something to save you money depending on which ones and how many you buy...
  12. M

    Sell Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 FFB System (54) - Ultimate

    I figured I would start off with my most prized Sim Racing component. Honestly, I am only selling this if someone makes me an offer that I can’t refuse (no killing of horses is allowed... I’m from Kentucky people... horses are important to us). If they do, I will include the mounting bracket...
  13. T

    3D Printed Low Mass 320mm Steering Wheel

    Just uploaded the file to thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4405915 Feel free to test it out! It's lighter (400g without the hub) than any formula wheels and rigid enough for daily use.
  14. L

    Combine keyboard commands in ACC for DIY steering wheel

    Hi, I have a Logitech g29 with a DIY steering wheel, is it possible on "Assetto Corsa Competizione" to combine keyboard commands (for the DIY steering wheel) using at the same time pedals and motor of the Logitech?
  15. M

    Katana Steering Wheel v1.0

    This mod is an ancient japanese sword styled (Katana) steering wheel. It was modelled after the real life counterpart. It features a variety of Tsuba's (katana's handle) colors as well as the photoshop preset with all of the layers, so that you can customise the color or patterns on your own...
  16. I

    Sell Ascher Racing B16M-USB

    SOLD I have new in the box B16M-USB for sale. Never installed. Includes the original packaging and decals. Shipped to Continental US for $425. Pictures available here: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0LJqstnBG8IReo
  17. 3

    Windows doesn't detect axes (Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2-in-1 Rumble Force)

    Windows 10 PC doesn't detect neither X, Y or RZ axes (No steering, accelerator or brake), no matter which version of FFB (from 2006 to 2018) drivers is installed. Is there a possible solution assuming it's not a hardware issue, which I hope it's not.
  18. daro1215

    Logitech g29 pedals cable problem

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I found out that something is wrong with my g29 pedals. If I move a cable that comes from pedals sometimes happens that logitech profiler or just games detects like the gas/clutch/brake pedals are pressed, although it actually is not pressed. But sometimes when I move a...
  19. mothabrain

    DiRT Rally 2.0 steering 1:1 transmission

    hey guys, perhaps someone knows how to set this one straight. i own a tm500rs and use it with 1080° steering on default. since ac or other racing games are able to pick up the right degree of steering i wonder why it doesn't work for dr2. for instance if u steer right for 90 degrees to the...
  20. NekoIron

    New SteeringW Momo 2019-08-13

    Texture installation must be done by UnityAssetsExplorer program