1. Gryzzli_

    F1 Remaster SimHub Dashboard 1.0

    Dashboard created for Formula Alpha 2022 by VRC Features: Pop-up alers (BBAL, REGEN, EB, ERS) RPM Led with Led DRS light Ani-Stall alert, race start mode Warn mode and lots more
  2. Dostoyewsky

    Simple dasboard ETCR Style 0.1

    Helo. This time I made a simple display. It shows throttle and brake pedal pressure. The current gear and speed are clearly visible. When DRS is available we get a message about it. Tachometer starts at 50 percent and starts blinking red when the rpm is higher than the rpm starting the red box...
  3. troffeo

    Ford Fiesta Rally2 – R5 SimHub Dashboard

    Mod name : Ford Fiesta Rally2 – R5 SimHub Dashboard (everything are functional as water temp, oil temp, oil pressure etc.) Author : Mallis George (troffeo) Thanks : Pure Sim Rally and the Wotever who create the SimHub for all us! Compatible games : Richard...
  4. Dostoyewsky

    Tire Dashboard 0.1.1

    Hi. I'd like to present to you my first Dashboard. It has all the information about tires that you can find out in AC. If you like my work or you have some work what I should add or change, please write. If you want give me an idea for my next work. :)
  5. mcllama2448

    911 RSR-like Simhub Dash by McLlama 0.98

    Hey there, this is my first complete Simhub Dashboard, imitating the style of the actual real-life 911 RSR / 911 GT3 R steering-wheel dash. (See this video for reference: 911 RSR Cockpit Tour). As this dashboard is adapted for AC use, you will not find all the functions and data displayed in...
  6. serek4

    SimHub gaps overlay v1.0.0

    Simhub relative leaderboard overlay screens screen 1 screen 2 Overlay uses ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin Setup information on GitHub
  7. rayjubb87

    Wanted Simlab SD43-X DDU

    Hoping someone here has this DDU they’re looking to sell. I know Simlab has a newer version on sale at the moment but I much prefer the design of this. It reminds me of the Lumirank displays found in WEC cars, which is what I intend to use it for. If you have one and are thinking of selling...
  8. R

    AMS2 Dash - Mercedes Inspired 1.1

    Speedo: - Both analog and digital readout - Digital change color as speed increases - Includes Odometer - Only in metric units RPM / Torque Dial - Torque Dial on the outside with actual value in the box. - RPM dial on the inside with variable scale based on car data - Red line start based on...
  9. Cipha

    Racelogic Dash & Overlay v1.0.9

    Here's my first dashboard attempt. Since I shared it with a few friends and they really liked it I thought others might be interested in it as well. Important: Simhub 8 is required! It's best used when assigning a hot key in Simhub to navigate through the different pages. If you have a touch...
  10. QuentinF

    SimHub Dashboard [Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II][AC] 2.0

    Hi, I share my Dash, maybe you'll be interested in it ! ✌
  11. A

    Is there a SIMHUB dashboard that can display RACELOGIC and SAS on one screen?

    Hi. I am looking for a dashboard that can be used with ACC that can display both RaceLogic and SAS on one screen. I tried this plugin, but although it has the ability to display the two on one screen, the SAS is not functioning properly, or the flag displays (green flag, blue flag, checkered...
  12. C

    Lovely Dashboard v1.4.0b

    A multifunctional feature packed SimHub Dashboard (DDU) and a matching Stream Overlay. Download the latest release and read more on GitHub NEW! Join Lovely Sim Racing Discord Server and help develop a better version. A new iRacing update is on its way, and I'll need beta testers. If you're up...
  13. blackroby

    F1 2022 SimHub SpeedTrap 1.0

    Odometer F1 2022 like real Colors change only if you use SimDream car (2022) Alfa Romeo AlphaTauri Alpine Aston Martin Ferrari Haas Mclaren Mercedes RedBull Williams NEED Simhub
  14. R.E.D.

    Pit Board Overlay 1.2

    Coudln't find a pit board, so I made one. Feedback are welcome. Free for you to modify it to your liking. Gives you the info for 8sec (possible to modify). 3 screens : Practice : Number of laps, Position, gap to 1st with the best lap, and your last lap. Qualifying : Time left, Position, gap...
  15. SimRacer918

    ACC PSR Tool SimHub V1.0

    After running out of fuel during a league race I set out to build a more in depth and useful tool to hopefully prevent this from happening again Screenshots: Videos: Sped up: This file include an overlay, just double click the file to import it to SimHub. @AdamHeart made a great guide...
  16. G

    SimHub Headlights indicator AMS2 1.0

    A simple SimHub Headlights indicator for AMS2
  17. Bikone

    PS Dashboard for SimHub 1.6

    Hi! I bring you a dash for SimHub that will be very useful when you are driving in either Assetto Corsa, Raceroom Racing Experience, Project CARS or rFactor. This dash includes information regarding fuel information, position, lap times, tires, etc.
  18. M

    Botonera Simhub dashboard v1.0

    Hace tiempo que vengo buscando una botonera para el hacer un poco mas iinmersivo a la hora de jugar pero me encontre con varias piezas que hay que comprar, muchas cosas para una simple botonera a lo que se me ocurre la idea de hacerlo en un dashboard lo cual no encontre por ningun lado, asi que...
  19. nsss

    ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin 1.1.1

    This is an ACC specific (at least at the moment) leaderboard plugin providing simple switching between overall/class/relative leaderboards. The reason for this plugin is that I found myself creating effectively the same dash leaderboard layout several times for overall leaderboard and then...
  20. N

    F1 2021 Display 1.3

    You can watch in action this dashboard on my youtube and twitch streamings (search by navarreitor on both) Short description of what you can find in this dashboard: - Gear - Throttle (semicircular) bar - Brake (semicircular) bar - Position - Predicted position after pit (own...