1. ClaudioWRC74

    SimHub Dashboard BMW M4 GT3 2022 1.1

    Here is my first dashboard for SimHub, I'm new to Dash Studio. It's for the BMW M4 GT3 2022 AC mod. The car can certainly be found on the Internet but I will not give a link on this site, please do not ask me in the comments !!! I no longer have iRacing so I didn't have much to test but it...
  2. blekenbleu

    SimHub ShakeIt Bass Shakers custom 4 corner tire slip

    Standard SimHub ShakeIt tire slip does not consider tire loading. For example, an inside tire may be fully unloaded during cornering, with very high slippage, but no perceived sensation in actual driving. This SimHub profile attempts to approximate track sensations from street tires, when...
  3. X

    XIV - Automatic setup mask 1.1.0

    What is it ? This is a simhub overlay intended for streaming software (OBS studio / Streamlabs) that activates automatically a mask that hides the setup when you're editing it. No more need for manual mask management and no more driving with forgotten activated mask. Change your visual Be...
  4. HacBass

    F1 2020 - SimHub Dashboard 1.0

    Simhub Dashboard for F1 2020 Works with PS4, PC , XBOX. Race Screen IDLE Screen Last Lap Safety Car Others Screens Yellow Flag Blue Flag Pit Limiter Brake Bias Differencial ERS SimHub is required in PC to comunicate with the mobile device...
  5. Erik_27

    Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 (650S) Dashboard V1

    Just import it to SimHub library by clicking the file inside the .zip file. That should be all, if you have any doubts or new ideas please let me know them in the comments ;)
  6. Erik_27

    Chevrolet Corvette C8.R Dashboard V1

    Just import it to SimHub library by clicking the file inside the .zip file. That should be all, if you have any doubts or new ideas please let me know them in the comments ;)
  7. Erik_27

    Porsche GT3 Cup Dashboard V1

    Just click and download :) If there's something missing please let me know it in the comments. Hope you enjoy it!
  8. Z

    SimHub SAS Driver Info Display Replica 1

    I made a SAS LUMIRANK Driver Info Display replica that I like to share. With the hope of some one else having some fun making one and maybe improving it, and as i made my with no intention of sharing it the instructions are not great - sorry :) I have matched it as good as I can to the...
  9. A

    ArtOverlay for rFactor 2 2.0

    Hello simracers! The main goal was to create a nice and comfortable overlay for rfactor 2. Many thanks to Denis Eshchenko (Unison Racing), Anatoly Tkachenko, Alexey Kutsak. Also, this overlay has an interesting function - it can show information about rivals: compound tires car in pit box...
  10. tholhubner

    Dallara P217 iRacing Dash - Fully Custom v1.0.2

    I built this as a more sim racing centric version of the Dallara P217 dash, adding data regarding how much fuel to add, fuel averages, laps to refuel and even your incident count. I also strived to make this as easy to customize on your own as possible, everything is labeled and detailed to it...
  11. dontpanic

    DIY Wheel with Simhub & Nextion Display

    Hejhej, I was planning my projekt for my new Racing Wheel and I stumbled over the following sentence on SimHub Wiki: "Arduino Pro Micro : The arduino will emulate a TTL and allow RGB LEDs or buttons to be added" Now, I plan to add rgb leds AND buttons and I am wondering, if every free pin is...
  12. F

    Assetto Corsa + ACC + IRacing All In One Dash V1.6

    IMPORTANT!! Please Drag the required DLL files into root Simhub Directory for full ACC support! Hello! Due to the popularity of this dash, I have been hard at work refining it, which also made me start looking into making it work in other sims. First came Iracing, now Assetto Corsa is...
  13. G

    Sim hub ACC issue

    I have a strange issue in sim hub when using ACC. I have a nextion display with the porsche gt3 dash template uploaded. When the race starts the nextion goes to the default logo image and won’t let me switch to different screens. Before the start of the race the dash is displayed Instead of the...
  14. L

    VR-Dashboard Simhub VR Dasch 1.2

    Because i use a lot VR, I made a VR dashboard. So now i can see all important info when i'm on track. Up to 6 screens, main, tyre, quali, session, timing1 and timing2. timing1: driver 1 - 15 timing2: driver 16 - 30
  15. Nocturne

    Sell 2x SimLED electronic Flag linke iFlag

    Hi all, i am selling my iFlag like electronic Flag Displays. They are build to work with Simhub Software and can be mounted on aluminium profiles or other Rigs. They are 3D Printed. For any more details, please PM me.
  16. Setup a Cheap Sim Racing Car Dashboard

    Setup a Cheap Sim Racing Car Dashboard

    I was looking for a cheaper alternative for a car dash given every sim racing product is getting so much more expensive nowadays. So I had a phone to spare and done this sweet setup! I think it looks better than a dedicated dash would ;) What do you think?
  17. Javliar

    Assetto Corsa - Dashboard by Javliar 2.0

    Hi Guys! It's time for a New Year present! My F1 dash creation adopted and redesigned to Assetto Corsa with some new addition! I spent more than 100 hours redesigning, thinking, writing and rewriting the code, fixing the bugs and creating something for Assetto (as it is my first time to create...
  18. Erik_27

    Porsche 991 RSR GTE Dashboard V1

    If there's something missing or wrong please let me know it on the comments. Please leave a rating if you liked it. To install just download and double click to the archive from inside the .rar. Hope you enjoy it!
  19. JohnnyV

    Sell Various sim racing stuff (SimHub, LEDs, Nextion, Fanatec Uni Hub parts, etc...)

    Various sim racing stuff (SimHub, LEDs, Nextion, Fanatec Uni Hub parts, etc...) for sale : Nextion 3,5 and 4.3 inch with usb boards: WS2812b LEDs, 8 leds on 1 pcb and 4x4: Adafruit alphanumeric display: 8 x 4 7 segment display: 7 inch HDMI screen with 32 RGB WS2812b LEDs...
  20. TheBigO

    Complete Controller Software for Sim (Racing) Rigs

    Hello all, I have a little Xmas present for you. In the past few months I've been working on a software as an integrated solution to control every aspect of our beloved sim rigs. The basic idea is to put your button box in total control of every aspect of the simulation, including tactile and...