1. capitan_penurias

    Fanatec Static Paddles (DIY)

    Hello ! I build a complete static paddles for Fanatec wheelbases, including the electronics needed to connect the paddles to the SHIFTER2 port. The main advantage of this project is that you can design your own sequential shifter and plug it into the base directly, avoiding using a...
  2. J

    What Board to use on a DIY wheel and Fanatec Podium Hub?

    I am in the process of building a DIY wheel that I would like to be able to attach to a DD1 base via a Podium hub. As far as the physical wheel I have it all planned out as to how it will attach to the hub. What I am a bit lost on is what board/boards I will need to enable the buttons and...
  3. dontpanic

    DIY Wheel with Simhub & Nextion Display

    Hejhej, I was planning my projekt for my new Racing Wheel and I stumbled over the following sentence on SimHub Wiki: "Arduino Pro Micro : The arduino will emulate a TTL and allow RGB LEDs or buttons to be added" Now, I plan to add rgb leds AND buttons and I am wondering, if every free pin is...
  4. A

    Show us your Rig / Cockpit

    I found topic like this on several forum, i think this is a cool thing to see how others are racing! So i start off, here is mine:
  5. B

    DIY Ford GTE steering wheel replica with PCB

    Hey guys, I´d like to show you my latest simracing project. In the last few weeks I got back into I Racing and decided to race in the ILMS Series with the Ford GTE. Because my BMW M4 DTM rim kinda broke lately, mostly bc of too many loose wires inside it, I decided to make a new rim for myself...
  6. Lebois

    SRT DIY hydraulic pedals

    Hi ! I have been working on sim racing pedals for three years now. Now I am ready to share with you the result : a reliable and easy to build pedal set, yet very affordable. You got a nice hydraulic feeling, sturdy parts. You can adjust the geometry. Most non-3D printed parts can be found on...
  7. P

    DIY BMW M4 DTM steering wheel with clutch

    Video about: Files are available here:
  8. carlsenth

    Looking for a way to quiet down the sound of the Clubsport V3 clutch

    After finally switching to the great Clubsport V3's i have discovered this annoying problem where the clutch makes a rather loud "clunk" when it's fully compressed. It's not a design flaw by any means, but in my setup my neighbor on the other side of the wall can hear it, and it's understandably...
  9. X

    Making my own formula steering wheel.

    Hello everyone, So recently, since I have a lot of free time I got an idea to make a formula steering wheel for my g29. The problem occurs when it comes to wiring all the buttons and encoders. At the begining I wanted to use one of Arduino boards since they are quite cheap. But when I did some...
  10. O

    What means this is not a ready to race kit?

    Hey guys, I have a question about the Accuforce DIY Steering KIT: On there website they say, that this is not a ready to race and a DIY kit. So do I just need to buy a Wheel...
  11. J

    DIY lockdown project: Sequential Shifter on T300RS, PS4, playseat challenge

    My final lockdown project after the bass shaker and handbrake was a proper sequential shifter. I already had the TH8A shifter but i didn't want to keep changing it between H-pattern and sequential, plus there is no tactile 'clunk' in its sequential action. Of course, the thrustmaster TSS...
  12. J

    DIY lockdown project: handbrake mod on T300RS and playseat challenge

    My second lockdown project after the bass shaker, and in honour of getting dirt 2.0 as a freebie on PS4 I wanted to get a handbrake as i didn't like pressing a button on the wheel face. I wanted a thrustmaster TSS but couldn't justify the price, plus if i wanted a handbrake and sequential...
  13. J

    DIY lockdown project: tactile transducer on PS4 and playseat challenge

    Thought I'd use this lockdown time for a few projects on my very simple racing rig (PS4, T300RS, playseat challenge). The first was a tactile transducer / bass shaker. I had seen the buttkicker gamer 2 but it seems permanently out of stock and i didn't want to spend £230 on it either. I...
  14. L

    Combine keyboard commands in ACC for DIY steering wheel

    Hi, I have a Logitech g29 with a DIY steering wheel, is it possible on "Assetto Corsa Competizione" to combine keyboard commands (for the DIY steering wheel) using at the same time pedals and motor of the Logitech?
  15. BloodySalmonMan

    DIY 3-Pedal set

    I've made a DIY pedal set to replace T3PA pedals from Thrustmaster. The aim here is to achieve a better feeling (heavier pedals overall) while keeping the cost as low as possible. I've used a technical info from Heusinkveld pedals as a reference. CAD files can be downloaded HERE
  16. V

    DIY SimRacing Arduino Touch Display with RGB LEDs

    This is an Arduino Based 5.0" Capacitive Touch display with 16 RGB LEDs for Sim Racing. The enclosure is 3D printed in PLA. The display is a Buy Display based on the RA8875 driver communicating it with the Arduino with 4 Wire SPI protocol for the graphics and with I2C for the touch panel. It...
  17. J

    DIY digital dash on the Cheap

    I've been looking around for a way to mount my phone, used a dash, where I could see it clearly but have it integrated with my wheel and base. I've looked at and came close to purchasing a pre-made unit for anywhere between $50 and $80. This is what I came up with for $9 and change and about...
  18. alladridi

    FFB wheel mmos2014 DIY project

    hello this is my first post here i just bought all the required parts to build my own diy FFb wheel part list : stm32f4 discovery h-bridge bts7960 printer encoder from canon ip1800 dc motor and 12v power supply can any one hellp me with wiring please i've been trying to do it for 3 days but no...
  19. S

    Simucube 2 Mounting Bolts snapped

    Hi, when I tried to loosen the nuts on my Simucube 2 Pro the head of the bolt literally snapped off. To me it felt like the Bolt was a lot tighter then when I installed it (Maybe the vibration somehow jammed the thing?). Has anyone here encountered a similar problem ?
  20. BloodySalmonMan

    Cosworth LMP3 style dash for Nextion 1.0

    LMP3 style dash for Nextion 3.5" display. The dash can be configured using SimHub. There are 3 screens: Idle, P1 and R1. Here are the available properties: Idle page Cosworth logo P1 page Water temp Oil temp Air temp RPM Gear Speed Average fuel usage Fuel usage of the last lap Fuel left...