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Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features

Apps Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features 0.2

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ktulu77 submitted a new resource:

Camtool2 extension: specific cameras (cockpit, wheel, chasecam ...) - camtool new feature: enable standard cams (cockpit ...)

Hi, with the permission of the original author, I managed to add a parameter to the camera tab of the Camtool2 app.

How to use it:
The default value of this new field "Specific cam" is "Camtool". If you click on it, it will cycle through standard assetto cameras. Then, when this camera is enabled, it will switch to this instead of the camtool camera.
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For the moment, I managed to...

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Hi I'm looking for an app/mod to make more in car adjustments, mostly the movement of the car to much less. would this work? or do you know of anything that would work? Thanks