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Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features

Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features 0.9

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Hi, with the permission of the original author kasperski95, I managed to add a parameter to the camera tab of the Camtool2 app. The author is welcome to add it to the app itself if he wants to.

You will need CSP as we managed to win FPS by calling its function instead of DLL calls.

About performance fix:
For the moment, I managed to optimize the app by refreshing the app window only when necessary and replacing most of the DLL calls to CSP ext functions. By monitoring camtool with the python debug app, I noticed that we win 8 milliseconds for each frame (average) for a total of 2.75 milliseconds instead of 11ms originally. You might win some FPS but it will depends of your CPU/GPU. You will win more on low specs devices. Because of this optimization, some dynamic text (fov, point of view) which were refreshed at each frame are now refreshed a bit less, but it should not bother the user experience that much.

A big thank you to @Atrupelador who helped me to test all these new things and Marocco2 for giving the code to use CSP ext functions.

New hotkey features
  • You can press F10 to enable camtool. Pressing another F key to switch to another cam will disable camtool and switch to the requested cam
  • You can press y, u, i, o or p to switch between your saved camtool data files

How to use the new specific cam feature:
The default value of this new field "Specific cam" is "Camtool". If you click on it, it will cycle through standard assetto cameras. Then, when this camera is enabled, it will switch to this instead of the camtool camera.
specific cam.PNG

For the moment, I managed to support these cameras: steering wheel, cockpit, free outside, helicopter, roof, wheel, inside car, driver, passenger, behind (roof), chase cam, chase cam far, subjective, hood.

Please read this:
- There is no existing function (in the commands provided by assetto) to select which F1 cam to use (F1 cams = cams when you press F1). So what you must do to be sure that the label of the "specific cam" field will work correctly, is to sync it manually the first time: so let's say you select "Steering wheel" and that the cam used is the one on the hood, you must press manually on F1 until the correct camera is used. Then after, it will be in sync. I had also a very crazy bug: if you use a F6 cam, all the sync for F1 cams were broken. I think I managed to fix it (but after several hours, so I hope it will be ok, it was very tricky).
- Also, on some mods (I saw it on the Lancia Delta S4), some cameras (mostly F6 cams) are not correct (compared to the kunos ones), For example, you select the roof cam but it's the passenger cam which will be used. I cannot do anything about it, it's configured in the mod.

Make a backup or your Camtool 2 before. Feedback is appreciated, if you find bugs, I will try to correct them.

How to install:
Enable it with the mod functionality of Content Manager or override camtool files by the ones in the archive.

Github repo if you want to help (authorization given by the original author):
I did not manage to get the source code for the DLL though.

Submit issues and ideas here:

This is an example of a camtool replay with the specific cam feature. Thanks to this, no video editing is needed if you want to add F1 or F6 cameras:

Latest updates

  1. fix stuttering happening sometimes weh car is fast

    I had to revert to old code to fix this stuttering and lost some perf. So I put a new cache...
  2. cycle through cams with F10, more settings + 1 old bug fix

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  3. fix + add hotkeys to switch between data files

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Latest reviews

It's like a dream come true for me... This app is the love of my life for the past several months (thanks, Mr kasperski95)!
I use it daily and invested money and time to use it the best I can with the PC I have but it was always so heavy on my system.
You finally made it incredibly better and faster. Thank you my good friend, you're my hero!
I got +30 fps more! Thank you.
loving it!!!!! thanks....
Hi, thank you for your wonderful work.
However, I wanted to point out that this version 0.7.1 creates conflicts with the keyboard commands, creating a delay in the steering, brake and gas axes, making driving impossible. I hope it will be useful to you.
I don't understand, you mean that you drive while camtool is active?
How to disable shortcut keys ?
I will post an update to disable these hotkey. I have to implement a way to save settings first.
6 stars! Thank you for sharing with us!
Thank you all for the great reviews. This keeps me motivated!
Great stuff. Amazing updates for our beloved app. Great work! Keep going!
Why does version 0.6 not work, 0.5 works fine, I have enabled Cam Tool 2 in the AC app settings, but when I enter the game, there is no Cam Tool 2 in the right sidebar, and pressing F10 does nothing?
I have released the fix (v 0.7.1)
Amazing! Thank you
Nice performance fix! Now it runs so much better than before! I still hope that it can be optimized more in future to get the best performance from it, but i'm happy anyway :)
Excellent optimization work, you managed to double my fps with camtool. No more performance issues. Thank you
Perfect. After waiting for so many years, someone finally optimized the performance
Thank you for the quick fix on the new optimization, you are doing an amazing job! Thanks to you (to all involved) and to the original author of Camtool2.
Before applying this fix my replay files were around 43 fps with the occasional stutter. Now I'm hitting a smooth 60+ fps. Thank you ktulu77 and team!
Thank you very much for this new update. All the best.
I just tried it and noticed a significant improvement in fps gains.
Was just below 60 fps before, and that already was an improvement from the standard app. Now I have clearly more than 60fps+ with my setup and settings. Great job you guys. I assume it will be a bit better optimized as I see you guys figured codes out.
Great work,keep going my dear
Thank you very much. The fps gain is noticeable and very appreciated. Keep going on the good work !
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