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CamTool 2 1.16 x64

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An app designed to create cinematic shots and custom replays.
  • This app hacks into a memory of Assetto Corsa to gain control over the camera, thus with every AC update, this app also needs to be updated.
  • I created this app when I didn't have proper knowledge about programming. In replay mode, you can notice FPS drop. If FPS drop is unacceptable, consider recording in slow motion and speeding up a video later to improve quality of your cinematic shots.
    • If you are recording in slow motion, maximize your graphics settings.


Vegetable Studio

Play it COOL.


mingquan wang


Giu Niral

User Interface


  1. Download file from this site. If a version of Assetto Corsa is different than a version of this app, click on Version History and download proper release. You can check a version of Assetto Corsa in the left bottom corner during launching.
  2. Unzip downloaded file.
  3. Move content of CamTool_2 catalog (apps, content) to the location of Assetto Corsa.
  4. Enable app
    • Assetto Corsa: Options: General | UI Modules
    • Content Manager: Settings: Apps | Activated apps
  5. Open replay or go on track.
  6. Move the cursor to the right edge of your screen. The sidebar should appear.
  7. Find this app and enable it.

  • General
    • Activate free camera (visible only if the free camera is disabled)
      Gain control over kunos' free camera. Use arrows to move the camera. Use an arrow with the shift key to slow down the movement. Use the right mouse button to look around.
      alt + left mouse button to look around smoothly
      alt + shift to zoom in
      alt + ctrl to zoom out
    • Buttons below the camera icon
      • +
        Create a camera (max 99)
      • -
        Remove the last camera
      • <number>
        Camera. If the button is bolded, it means when the app is enabled this camera will be active. If the background is red, all settings are applied to this camera. Cameras are sorted based on their activation value (Camera | Activation | Camera In). Cameras works only in location mode (read description of Pin and Timer buttons).
    • Buttons below keyframe (diamond) icon
      • +
        Add keyframe (max 99)
      • -
        Remove keyframe
      • <number>
        Keyframe. Go to Pin and Timer buttons for more information. Can be set by clicking:
        [<<][<][this button][>][>>]
    • Pin and Timer buttons
      If the pin button is enabled, interpolation between keyframes will be calculated based on active car location (location mode) on track. This mode is useful if you want to create custom replay cameras. You can choose the active car in Tracking menu or by using the following shortcuts:
      ctrl + numpad 1 - previous car
      ctrl + numpad 2 - your car
      ctrl + numpad 3 - next car
      If the timer button is enabled, interpolation between keyframes will be calculated based on replay time (time mode). This mode is useful if you want to create cinematic shots of standing car. Before mode can be used, the application must synchronize with a replay which should take one second (app must detect the quality of replay).
    • On/Off button
      If enabled, the app takes control over the camera. If you press and hold alt you will smoothly regain control over the camera.
    • [<<][<][frame button][>][>>]
      If the background is red, represents a value of the selected keyframe.
      If the background is gray, represents the location of active car or replay's frame based on active mode (read description of Pin and Timer buttons).
      Arrow buttons change active keyframe value or replay's time whether keyframe is assigned or not.
  • Camera
    • Activation | Camera In
      Works only in location mode.
      If the active car position is greater than this value and less than the value of next keyframe, this camera will be active. Check provided examples (Spa or Redbull Ring) how to deal with car crossing start/finish line situations.
    • Activation | Pit only
      The camera will be enabled if a car is closer to Pit spline than Track spline. Check Settings: Pit spline and Settings: Track spline for more.
    • Camera | Focus point
      Disabled when autofocus is enabled.
    • Camera | Autofocus
    • Camera | FOV
      alt + shift to zoom in
      alt + ctrl to zoom out
    • Shake | Camera
    • Shake | Tracking
      camera shaking while tracking a car. The faster camera rotates, camera shakes more.
  • Transform
    • Location | X, Y, Z
    • Location | Strength
      If the camera is also controlled by spline, this value determines how to mix two animations together
    • Rotation | Pitch, Roll, Heading
    • Rotation | Strength
      If the camera is also tracking a car a or is controlled by spline, this value determines how to mix transform settings with others.
  • Tracking
    • Tracking | Active car
      Cannot be animated.
    • Tracking | Mix
    • Tracking | Extra car
      Cannot be animated.
    • Offset | Tracking
      If the value is negative, the camera will be focusing on a point in front of the tracking car.
      If the value is positive, the camera will be focusing on a point behind the tracking car.
    • Offset | Pitch, Heading
    • Strength | Pitch, Heading
      If the camera is also controlled by spline, this value determines how to mix tracking animation with a spline.
  • Spline
    • Record
      Records camera's location and rotation (choose a proper camera for recording)
    • Speed
    • Strength | Location XY, Location Z, ...
    • Offset | Pitch, Heading, Location Z
    • Offset | Location X
      The offset will be relative to the path.
    • Offset | Spline
  • Settings
    • Save/Load
      Save or load settings for an active track from assettocorsa\apps\python\CamTool_2\data
      If you name your file "init", it will be loaded automatically.
    • Track spline | Record
      Records track spline. Choose onboard camera for recording. Activate recording before the Start/Finish line. A recording will stop once you finish the lap.
    • Pit spline | Record
      Records pit spline. Choose onboard camera for recording. The recording must be stopped manually.
    • Reset
      Removes all settings (including cameras and keyframes).
Use ctrl or shift buttons combined while clicking on arrow buttons to decrease or increase precision.

  • FPS drop in replays /* not sure why it works fine in "live" mode though*/
  • Audio popping when the camera changes

Check profile @rambokim for more replay presets.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.15.2

    Updated to ac 1.15.2 x64
  2. CamTool 2

    New features: - "normalized spline position" mode - tracking - spline - new interpolation...
  3. fixed

    Removed "ggg" from the code.

Latest reviews

Wow, I didn't know I needed this. For replays, it feels like watching TV and my driving looks much more impressive than it is. Thanks.
doesnt show up in the app tool. i have activated it in csp but it doesnt show in the apps list in game
since I started playing AC since 2019 and found out about this mod it turns your AC videos to another level it really help me out a lot , I would suggest if there is an option for the roll where you can turn it 90 degrees or 180 rather than doing it manually

Doesn't show up in the apps even though it was installed correctly...
90% of the time the camera free camera just flies away on activation, however the 10% of the time when it does work, it works perfectly, as intended.
amazing app but the tracking doesnt work anymore :(
Exellent! Mush have app for Assetto Corsa!
Hi, the tracking on Camtool stops as soon as i hide the app, do you know anything about this? How can i fix it? I already have reinstalled Camtool but it didnt change. Thanks
Awesome job dude, Thanks a lot!!
fps drop
so handy for replay, thanks
Is there anything you can do to fix FPS drop? this app would be perfect without this issue
Great app
Even if it cuts fps for 20% when activated, replays are georgous
With a good edit mixing original cameras and Camtool, you can really make a great video
Thank you for your work :)
The app seems great but every time I click record in the spline menu it freezes my camera movement moments later and stays like this until I stop and remove the recording. Idk what to do to fix I've tried deleting and reinstalling already with no luck.
wow nice tool, now need more presets!!!
I think this is a fantastic AC APP, Kasperski95. But it arguably takes someone like Peter Boese (the creator of SOL) to get the best out of it. So if anyone would like a simpler way to still use it in their YouTube Replays, then I have done a Tutorial video on how to load some of the amazing "Presets" you can find right here on RaceDepartment. So New Sim-Racing Creators, please check out my video tutorial - if you think it might help you on your own Sim-Racing Channel(s)?
Takes a bit of getting used to how to fly this thing, but it's worth the effort and a must-have for vid makers. My latest creation here at Cathedral Rock with the free 2020 Indycars certainly benefited from it
In addition to recording in slow-mo, another tip for maximising FPS folks (with this app or others) is always turn off the python apps that you aren't going to be using for that shot/scene (or race) before clicking 'play' or 'drive' (CM makes this super-easy to do).
hi you can make video how to install this mod in the document and other mod
Buggy, complicated, fps loss
Interface arent helpful at all, no tips or tutorials to help new people.. and most importantly heavy outdated.. better off just using default replay settings than this. took 3 hours out of my day to try and understand this to no avail.

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