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Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features

Camtool 2 extension: perf fix and more features 0.9

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I had to revert to old code to fix this stuttering and lost some perf. So I put a new cache system to gain more fps even more to hopefully balance this.

Everything seems ok, no perf lost.

More details here about fixed issues:
new features:
  • pressing F10 will cycle through camtool data files
  • hotkeys y,u,i,o,p can be disabled in the settings menu
  • camtool now remembers the last loaded data file of a track and load it. This option can be disabled in the settings menu.
  • continue code refactoring (split code into several files)
  • fixed data files not showing in the load/save menu when the track folder contains a - or a .
- new hotkeys y,u,i,o,p to switch between existing data files
- load first data file if found on startup
- fix a case when the app crashes
New Features :
  • Now you can press F10 to enable camtool
  • Pressing another F key to switch to another cam will disable camtool and switch to the requested cam
Fixes and optimizations:
  • disable camtool calculations when the new specific cam option is active
  • don't apply a texture to a button if the requested texture is already applied to it
  • lot of code refactoring for better understanding:
    • use local variables in functions instead of global ones
    • move UI classes to dedicated files
    • use constants for image references
Reminder: the code is now on Github. Help appreciated
Revert optimization for key press events. Doesn't seem to lost fps without it.
I'm reverting optimizations on sound functions as it breaks audio (choppy, engine sound stay when pausing replay)

It doesn't seem that we loose too much perf without it.
I managed to win another 50% of calculation time for a frame by replacing calls to DLLs by CSP ext functions (thanks to marocco2 for his contribution)

There is some DLLs calls I didn't managed to replace yet as CSP functions are not well documented.

Please give this version a try and tell me if everything is still working as expected.

Don't forget that camtool is now on github and everyone is welcome to help ...
As written in the forum, I managed to optimize the app performance a bit.

Also, new cameras (F1 cameras) have been added. Please read the main description for more info because there is a small manipulation to do to have these F1 cameras synchronized with camtool.