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Thanks for take note. :)
Let me explain myself a bit.
Imo, cameras have too big FOV and most of them are positioned way too high (compared to real life cameras) and some which are not there - are positioned almost on track itself ! There's no way that anyone would place them there, cars would hit some of them. Or people who operate them. :)
It doesn't take away from track look itself but it's not really realistic.
And, tbh, I was enjoying watching onboard shot and when TV replay start - not so.
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Nice to have this track but……is it possible to improve these cardboard trees?
I would like to.if anyone has any helpful input on how to achieve the best quality trees in AC it would be appreciated. I just worked with the objects that were originally in the track.And changed textures as the originals seemed to make the cardboard effect stand out even more. but hey i'm still learning. Also would like to add physical mesh/ 3D Grass to tracks as well when i have the time to learn how to do it =)


Didnt see any information in the overview, but does this track have physical bump mesh for FFB? Without it tracks feel like driving on glass (no small bumps/dips like in all AC tracks, and real tarmac hehe).

Kenny 134

Sounds great track for AC . Will you be looking at Oulton Park at any stage. The one
I have downloaded does not work with a grid of cars they all crash into each other at the start. Ok for single car though. Many thanks.

Shaun Clarke

Forgot to mention the in game circuit doesn't work. All you need to do is delete the map.ini from the data folder and the map.png and the reload AC, and it generates the map for you

jim lloyd

Hey Man. Good Work so far, i'm not being over critical so please don't take this the wrong way, i really want your track to be awesome cause i love Cadwell Park. If i can help in any way please just ask. i had just started tinkering with this place myself but happen to think this (diggas) layout is pretty damn close, physics mesh would be were i would start first - but there are so many improvements you could make - but just glad somebody is doing this - keep going!!!
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