Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park 1.3

No permission to download
Beautiful circuit! Wonderful undulating course reproduced in outstanding detail! Thank you for all your hard work.
nice truck
Kudos, excellent work thanks
It Rocks
I drive this track every day with the Ford Escort! Is so fun in VR! Maybe u can give the sharp corners more subdivisions? U can see the polygons very clearly. But great work!
I will gladly give you 5 stars after you will give us more pit boxes, the track is great, it is driving great, nothing bad to say about this.
Beautiful track, you can bring (with a Patch) the boxes from 18 to 28/30? it would be very useful to have them for possible use in a league.
I love the Track English, thank you

Video with Rover Mini Gr 2

I took a real pleasure to drive on Cadwell Park
The circuit has good details. I tried to take some turns and I saw that when I get out of the circuit and hit a fence with tires, there are times when it goes through them or the car gets stuck. For the rest, good job.
Great work! Please add more pitboxes, at least 30.
Love the track. Great job, really a lot of fun.
wonderful tracks!!!
Awesome Work, Thank You!!!
very nice track! Just a question: are the bumps at the last third of the track really that extrem?
Outstanding! The trees are VERY good looking in 1.3. Better than many official tracks.

Any chance you could make the poles/sticks in corners to have physics/collision? A bit immersion breaking when AI drives right through them in front of me. If they would fly in the air on collision (or AI wouldn't blast through them), this would be perfect
This track is incredibly fun to drive. I'll be doing a video review at some point
Could use a little optimization polishing, but as it is right now, this is a very decent track; definitely nearing Kunos' quality overall.
guauuuuu......sin palabras , gracias por compartir tremendo trabajo
Just awesome!
Pretty, very successful, thank you.
Top quality, should be Kunos official
Great! Thank you!
Thanks for the update!
Thanks for the upgrade. I LOVE this track!
Great job
Using your mods since months, now it's time for a rating.
Very nice work! Thank you!
Bit too bumpy and 3d grass when?
Finally a good version of this amazing circuit. The graphics are nice and the overall quality is very good. The road feels very bumpy though, especially in some spots. I don't know how the track is IRL but it seems too much bumpy to be realistic, IMO.
Good set of tracks but the whole scene is a bit too dark.
tagged this 'quality mod' in CM. :-)
One of my favorites. Great implementation of a stunning track.
love it! thanks so much. i live only 25mins away from the circuit and this looks and feels superb.
Excellent, thnakyou kindly.
Very nice track but the textures are a little bit too dark in my opinion. But keep up the good job!
Amazing work! A must have! Thank you for this great track.