Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park 1.3

No permission to download
re- textured all the curbs..
working start lights
brightened shaders around the track
new track textures
new tree textures. plus fixed most of the mirrored trees
other stuff etc..
  • Fixed Issue with hole in terrain (Final Corner)
  • Added Brand new high resolution terrain map, Ground colors and grass looking more natural (Sorry for the change again, i just wasn't happy with how it looked before.
  • Fixed 3D Grass color issue - replaced texture and adjusted shader to be super subtle, to get better coverage i will need to plant way more grass - but this is a time issue, i think it looks pretty good as it is, but let me know what you think
  • New Camera's added to all 3 layouts - Courtesy of Black Wagtail
  • Optimized Performance - Reduced track dip to average between 1000- 2500 at its highest peak, More can be done here,
  • Added Start Lights - For more track atmosphere
  • Tweaked And added various new textures and added bumps maps around track - And tried to brighten things up a little, as it was mentioned to be a little dark in some conditions
  • Credit to Lilski for permission to use his grass texture
  • Complete Rework of all shaders, lots of small tweaks - tried to balance the lighting to represent a true English day.
  • Added Physics Mesh - Now the right side of bumpy - I have driven around this place and it rattles the teeth
  • Fixed issue with black spiders above trees
  • Added Normal Maps and tweaked/fixed a lot of textures - Various around track to improve detail
  • Fixed Crowd - now view-able from all angles (if you don't like just omit the kn5 file)
  • Added Dynamic Balloon
  • 3 x Layouts Added - Full Circuit, Woodlands Circuit, MotoGP Circuit
  • Fixed Track Maps for all layouts
  • Some Performance Tweaks - approx 10 fps improvement on a GTX 1060
  • Big Thanks to Jim Lloyd For contributing to help make this track better
Fix normals on trees around track
added collision kn5 for increased fps
Fixed pit box #2 (was to close to fence preventing ai qualifying)
Faster ai
some other minor changes
Optimised FPS
Replace all Trees
More natural looking grass and dirt
Added extra tv camera by Phoenix77
Add sections.ini
Small changes to some tree textures to try lower the transparency
Fixed car spacing on starting grid
trackmap added
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