Automobilista 2 | Hotfix Released

Reiza Studios have deployed a small hotfix update for Automobilista 2 today - rectifying some minor issues that have occurred within the simulation since the last major build release.

The push towards version 1 release status continues for Reiza Studios, the Brazilian team once again deploying a new build to the public version of AMS 2 as they look to continue fine tuning and developing the title ahead of leaving Steam Early Access.

Not significant in size, the update that has dropped to Steam today is purely about rectifying some minor oversights that slipped in as part of the big update yesterday, and as such contains a bare bones change log that can be read in full below:

  • Fixed telemetry HUD switching
  • Added new function to improve AI skill / performance on 1st lap
  • Fixed inverted FFB on Fuscas, F-Vee, F-Vintages
  • Adjusted gearbox tolerances for P052

Reiza Studios continue to develop the simulation in anticipation of a full V1 release to Steam later in the year. If you are curious about the development path of the title, check out the recent update roadmap from Reiza (here) to get a better understanding of how the popular studio are looking to move this simulation forward in the years ahead.

Original Source: Reiza Studios

Automobilista 2 is available on Steam Early Access now.

If you need help and support getting the most from AMS2, start a thread in our AMS2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out.

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Gary Roth

May 22, 2011
Works very good in VR ..looks amazing...all cars drive incredible!! Alot of other things need fixing and implementing but been early access it is still super fun driving all the automobiles. Roadmap looks very promising. I belive Reiza has potential to have a very big user base in the sim market ..maybe next rf1 successor in its time


May 24, 2013
This sim has the potential to be the best , with the latest patch its getting better, Ai in my eyes is the big thing to fix some cars more than others! its all coming together nicely , my top three is rf2 , Acc and now this, really enjoyed ams1 and this does look to be going in the right direction , hope it can be modded get the old classic f1 skins etc. Reiza keep up the good work getting the Ai done ,sorting out a few issues such as when finishing a race my car just stops at the finish line and cars just plough in would be nice to see cars continue round like when finishing a race in ACC also hitting barriers at Monaco that slow down feeling doesn't feel right , and the damage model , having spoken to Reiza on the forums they get back to you unlike some sim designers and seem to take our comments on board! Looking forward with this sim. Having said all that i feel the feeling of the cars (most of them) feel great on the track you can feel the tires griping the track amazing ffb feel , had some great races already that would top any other sim so far.
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Dec 7, 2013
Watchng kenjp's review it seems the night lightning needs more adjustment on the distant objects. It is easy to see the public although it doesn't receive any light except from the distant cars. But it doesn't, they are too far and the light is the same on all the public. If it received light from the cars, the lightning would move with the cars. Except this detail, the lightning on the track seems very good. I remember on pcars2 the lack of light coming from the cars, it was really hard to see the track.
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Feb 8, 2017
Great to see such speedy progress in many areas once again.

I'm experiencing a few new issues with this latest build though (I have reported these in) for example using a full AI field at Brands and Oulton with the Puma the AI cars are just a driver and wheels with no car body - I didn't test any other tracks but I suspect it's consistent.

Multiclass races vs the AI seem quite broken in this build - if I select 2 classes the split between the car types can be anything from 8 of the first class and 22 of the second and reloading the same race gets different results each time, 28 of the first selected class and 2 of the other class is the most extreme I've seen. Although I selected player last I was placed 2nd on the grid. Selecting 3 or 4 classes sees the same almost random allocation. This all seems odd as Multiclass has worked fine until now.



Jun 8, 2008
Yup! Quote from the development roadmap:

The Reiza / Automobilista 2 logos that populate the TRACKSIDE ADS are placeholders which will be replaced by both actual & accurate advertising;
Aww don't say that. One less thing for people to moan about.

Seriously, what part of Early Access do people not understand?

If they do have issues, why not post on the official Reiza forum instead of bitch and slag off the game here which will do little to help them.
Jan 27, 2019
Is there anyone else having the same issue with editing the HUD elements?
I can't turn them on or off. State is off and if I click it won't change. E.g. I could turn off the virtual mirror, but then later it simply can't be turned on. And also the positions element was turned off by default so I can only see a border for it in the edit layout.