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Automobilista 2 | New Build V0.8.3.1 Available Now - Includes New Car

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Another hotfix update for Automobilista 2 has arrived - and it comes with a new track layout and the Puma P052 GT5 car...

Yup, Reiza Studios have been good on their word to start ramping up the Early Access updates for Automobilista 2, with another fresh build having dropped for the simulation this evening - adding a nice range of fixes and improvements to the title.

Headline changes for this hotfix have to be the inclusion of the Puma P052 GT5 car and a new Jerez circuit layout, plus a range of changes and tweaks to the game force feedback - an area of AMS2 that continues to divide opinion within the sim racing community.

Automobilista 2 Update Change log:


  • Added Puma P052 to GT5 class
  • Added new Jerez layout (no Senna chicane)

  • Added initial HUD Layout Editor (from OPTIONS -> EDIT HUD LAYOUT)
  • Added Initial telemetry HUD page
  • Fixed missing car class icons
  • Fixed class positions incorrectly displaying during single class/practice
  • Fixed Superkart/Stockv8 mini class icons
  • Blocked lap timer incorrectly displaying in HUD 'off' variant
  • Disabled currently unused containers/elements
  • Created separate leaderboard and lap/position info HUD elements
  • Disabled leaderboard by default on 'light' HUD variant
  • Adjusted trackmap zoom mechanics & tweaked graphical elements
  • Revised start light HUD element
  • Adjusted text colour and border of player in HUD leaderboard
  • Added missing vehicle stats for MIT Lancer R & RS
  • Updated trackmaps for VIR (all configs), Snetterton (all configs), Velocitta (all configs), Jerez 2019; Added Missing track logo for Snetterton
  • Increased vehicle preview resolution

  • Reduced wheel contact factor in all open wheelers (reducing chances of cars launching into the air with relatively minor contact) corrected mass of several independent detatchable parts
  • F-Classic G3M1: Fixed default gear ratio for 7-speed gearbox
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted torque curve & throttle map for smoother power delivery
  • Minor tyre tread adjustments to F-Classic (all gens), Ultima GT, MCR 2000, MRX P4, F-3, MIT Lancer R & RS
  • Added TC / ABS to MIT Lancer R & RS when running Authentic driving aids
  • F-Classic (all gens): adjusted default front wing setting for better aero balance
  • Adjusted AI prudence when challenging human opponent
  • AI behavior tweaks: smoother lateral reactions & brake application; less performance variation depending on AI skill when on throttle / brakes; less performance loss as AI driver loses stamina
  • AI performance callibration passes for all cars

  • Added alpha to coverage to all foliage shaders - improves quality, only works with MSAA
  • Jerez: Reworked wet track material and puddle mapping; fine tuned road blend textures and vertex alpha blending to improve some blending abnormalities
  • Oulton Park: Fixed pitwall collision bug
  • Night lighting updates for Cascavel, Velopark, Kansai, Goiania, Jerez, Imola, Imola 2001, Imola 1988

  • Copa Uno: Updated liveries (partial); Adjusted collision mesh
  • Super V8: Adjusted collision mesh; Updated Vertex AO; Added detachable parts from Damage;
  • Gol Copa Classic: Added LODs & updated materials for both models
  • F-Ultimate: Updated liveries with logos

Original Source: Reiza Studios

Automobilista 2 is available on Steam Early Access now.

If you need help and support getting the most from AMS2, start a thread in our AMS2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment and let our great community help you out.

AMS 2 Update Note 2.jpg
That new car has really sensitive damage, took it for a drive around Donington, drove over a flat kerb and it damaged the suspension causing the car to pull right.


FFB still crap...none under braking. Also if you want to feel a bit of grasp at low/mid speeds you get too much force at high speed corner. Turn down high speed force you get no force at all at low/mid cornering. Minimum force compensation is still a joke!
I would say Codies may still have the edge here!! Well...lets just wait for next update...
They seem to have completely borked the FFB in the Vintage F1 and Formula Vee. It feels inversed rendering these vehicles not particularly driveable.

EDIT: F-Trainer is fine which I thought might also have been effected by this.
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brakes now terrible..all cars..same settings from original....i like the puma...ffb is meh, but im from asseto so....but until they completely sort the AI, which is the key to this games success imho, i'm back to asseto...which, and i never thought id say this, i miss...
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The AI seems less erratic driving down the straights and approaching bends, but they have this inherent issue with anything coming anywhere near them. Try over taking them on the inside of a corner... they panic instantly and take an immediate left turn (in a right hand bend) and quite often end up off the track despite there being plenty of room.

There needs to be some serious tuning of the distance between AI and other objects (cars, barriers) before they take "evasive" action. Its quite bad and very obvious. I'd rather slight contact than what they currently do. (that's if the contact does not result in the old sticky collisions that used to happen in PC2)

I tested at Oulton Park with Caterham 620R

As it stands, I remain sceptical that the AI can be "tuned" to eliminate these traits. I think its like the early solar system models that tried their very best to have the Earth at the center. It constantly needed revision to explain the nuances of observation. It ended up so convoluted and complex and never fully conformed to observation, only ever being close(ish). Once the basic underlying fundamental of the model was changed to be Sun centric, the model became far less complex and actually a much better fit to the observational universe.

This is how I view the current AI routines. I don't think its tuneable and is probably far more complex than it needs to be and that perhaps a complete underlying paradigm shift needs to be adopted. It seems more like that as one pin is pushed, two more popup. Just follow a single AI car around Monaco... Its so unnatural its not funny. How on earth can this be 'tuned' to then be able to actually cope with more cars (even completely predictable ones like other AI which are under complete control of the AI routines themselves and whose intended behaviour is fully known by those routines) as well as an unpredictable one like my own.

Even something simple like starting a race... By corner one you overtook half the field! I play in VR so I only have 15 cars, but really 50% of them are fluff to try and ensure I am not first by corner 1. I only ever start at the back of the grid.

I only play offline (or friend meetup with AI). AI is important to me and its frustrating that in this AI centric day and age it is still so bad in racing games/sims. Sure, I hope I am wrong but I have been in IT for 35 years (yes, I used punched cards) and I can smell things that look fundamentally broken.
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Maybe it’s just my eyes but does anyone else think the cars just look “flat” now in the vehicle selection and other UI screens? Like maybe they lost alpha channels or something along those lines. My quick foray on track seemed OK in the cockpit and replays. It’s just the car images in the UI elements that look different to me.
Anyone tried the Sprint Car? Does it seem less "responsive" in terms of acceleration. It feels really tame and I don't remember it being like that previously.