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ams 2

  1. Goffik

    EU Stock Car Brasil @ Curitiba - Tue 14 Jul 2020

    Welcome to the AMS 2 racing club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to everybody from complete rookies to seasoned pros. You will always find people around your level to battle with, so jump on in! If you need any help then please don't hesitate to ask...
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | Online Racing Now At RaceDepartment

    Enjoying Automobilista 2 and want to get even more excitement from the sim? We got you covered, with the new AMS 2 Racing Club here at RaceDepartment. New racing club launched for AMS2 drivers Successful first event already run Available to any and all Premium members Organised racing fun in...
  3. Goffik

    AMS 2 Club Racing has Begun!

    Yes, it's finally here! Our very first AMS 2 club event has been posted and is read for sign-ups. All Premium members can enter, and all are welcome from rookies to pros. So what are you still doing here? Go and get yourself signed up and join in the fun! :thumbsup: Ginetta G55 @ Brands Hatch...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | The Second Hotfix Is Here

    Reiza Studios continue their quest to add fine polish to their AMS 2 racing simulation, and today have deployed a second hotfix update since leaving Steam Early Access. AMS 2 V1 released 01.07.2020 Second hotfix update since leaving Early Access Time trail leaderboards reset Having come out...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | Share Your Screenshots

    With AMS 2 now having hit that magical V1 release status, it feels like a nice time to have ourselves a good old screenshot sharing thread up on the front page... It does look pretty doesn't it? No AMS 2 has reached V1 and left Early Access (with plenty more development yet to come, it feels...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | First Post Version 1 Patch Update Released

    Reiza Studios can never be accused of being slow out the blocks, and again the Brazilian team have been quick to address some post update issues with their first V1 release of AMS 2 - Patch 1 is now live. Deployed quickly following yesterday's full V1 release update, the new hot fix update is...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 Released

    Reiza Studios have deployed a new update to Automobilista 2 - taking the new simulation out of Steam Early Access and into V1 status - this isn't the end of progress, merely the beginning, as plenty of extra development miles are still planned by the Brazilian studio.... V1 release now...
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Release Day: Lots And Lots Of Goodies Confirmed

    Reiza Studios are gearing up to release their Automobilista 2 simulation today, and ahead of hitting V1, have revealed some of the exciting new things coming as part of leaving Early Access. Release day June 30th New content: 1979 Stock Cars New content: Copa Montana and Brazilian tracks The...
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | New Update Now Available

    Reiza Studios have deployed yet another new update for their Automobilista 2 racing simulation - adding plenty of nice improvements and fixes on their journey towards V1.0 release status. In this latest build release, Reiza Studios have looked to address a few of the issues that cropped up...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | Build Hotfix Is Here

    Reiza Studios have put together another new hotfix update for their Automobilista 2 racing simulation - addressing several minor issues within the title. Developed as something of a follow up to the large 9.3.1 release late last week, Reiza Studios have not let something as insignificant as...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Latest Big Update For Automobilista 2 Has Been Deployed

    Reiza Studios are a development team that seemingly never sleeps - with yet another major build release having been deployed for their Automobilista 2 racing simulation. Commendably sticking to the weekly release schedule during this Early Access phase for AMS 2, Reiza Studios have again...
  12. Politzania

    F1 1967 Skinpack | F-Vintage GEN 1 1.1

    This is a conversion of my F-Vintage 1967 LE skin mod, modified to work with AMS 2 and with most of the V12s skins having to be modified to work with the "Eagle" body. This skinpack contains 10 individual teams with 16 individual skins, replacing most of the original ones.
  13. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit Headlines New Content Additions In Latest Update

    Reiza Studios today deployed a brand new update to their Early Access Automobilista 2 racing simulation - adding new content, improved netcode and a raft of fundamental improvements to the title. Update time! Yes, Friday, the start of the weekend, for most of us two days to rest and relax and...
  14. Goffik

    Automobilista 2 | Current Content

    Reiza have updated the list of currently available content in the form of two pictures, one for cars and the other for tracks. Please note that this does not include planned content... it's just what is in the game as of the latest patch. It's quite a list for a sim that is still in Early...
  15. Automobilista 2: P3 Roco @ Imola

    Automobilista 2: P3 Roco @ Imola

    P3 Roco race at Imola vs the AI. Epic fail right at the end!
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Update Is Here - Now Includes Time Trial

    Automobilista 2 Early Access fans rejoice - a new build, new features and new content is now available. Released last night, version of AMS 2 is in the wild, and with it comes a first pass at the new Time Trail functionality within the simulation, as well as the inclusion of the very...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS 2 | Reiza Studios Confirm New Content In Latest AMS 2 Development Post

    The latest development roadmap posting from Reiza Studios is, as usual, full of good stuff. Perhaps most interesting of all however is the confirmation of new content coming to Automobilista 2! The Brazilian development team have been exceptionally hard at work as they continue to fine tune and...
  18. Goffik

    AMS 2 FFB - Fixed Lock-Stops & No Engine Vibration v3.0

    This is a very simple mod which does two things: 1) AMS 2 uses a soft-lock force to set your wheel's rotation to the same as the car being used. Unfortunately this force is so weak by default that it's almost impossible to detect on many wheels, especially while driving. This mod fixes that...
  19. Paul Jeffrey

    The Latest Automobilista 2 Beta Update Is Here

    Reiza Studios have deployed a new build of Automobilista 2 - and it comes with some significant reworking of the current simulation force feedback properties.. Yes, a new and fresh beta update has been deployed to the public version of Automobilista 2.. available to download the next time you...
  20. Paul Jeffrey

    Automobilista 2 | Hotfix Released

    Reiza Studios have deployed a small hotfix update for Automobilista 2 today - rectifying some minor issues that have occurred within the simulation since the last major build release. The push towards version 1 release status continues for Reiza Studios, the Brazilian team once again deploying...