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Assetto Corsa Competizione: Porsche 991 GT3-R and McLaren Shadow E-Sports Affiliation

Kunos Simulazioni have continued with the previews for their 2019 content update coming soon, and coming for free, this time previewing the freshly revised Volkswag-... er... Porsche 991! But that's not the only goody they have in their cookie jar.

The 2018 Porsche was somewhat less competitive than the German outfit had hoped it would be, largely suffering from an ageing design concept and balance of performance restrictions. Porsche would enter the 2019 Blancpain GT Championship with a new title contender, and one that would prove to be a strong competitor by winning the opening race of the season in Monza, and taking a 1-3 for the manufacturer at the all-important Total Spa 24 Hours. Quite frankly, we cannot wait to drive the new beast!

Said Kunos:
"The Porsche 911 GT3-R was suffering from a lack of competitiveness for a long time. Modern GT3 cars make good use of rear diffusers. Unfortunately that’s where the engine sits in a 911, occupying the space for a deep diffuser, resulting in a deficit of downforce and high drag from the rear wing.

Weight balance of the rear engine Porsche doesn’t help either. But if there’s one thing you can trust Porsche for, it's that sooner or later it will be competitive again.

The 2019 Porsche 991ii GT3-R is greatly evolved. The engine got moved forward "somehow", making space for a still small but more efficient diffuser. The front aerodynamics are also much better. The front suspension now consists of a double wishbone instead of the old McPherson strut.

Yes the car is still hard to drive and still has a small operational window, but it can now fight and win! Definitely amongst the surprises of 2019 season."

But wait! There's more!
Kunos have also announced a new partnership with the McLaren Shadow E-Sports project through the addition of the McLaren 720S GT3 which will be coming to the simulator as a bonus addition to the 2019 season update... free of charge.

"Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.1 is coming soon to Steam, together with a BONUS Car! The McLaren 720S GT3 will be a FREE for all users. But that's not all...

The McLaren Shadow Project will feature #ACC for the first time in its history! Players all around the globe will compete in a Hotstint Special Event, featuring the McLaren 720S GT3 at Silverstone circuit. The top player will be invited as a finalist to the McLaren Technology Center to challenge other winners for a professional eSports seat at the McLaren Shadow team.

Head over to the leaderboard at https://leaderboard.mclarenshadow.com/ for pre-registration. Can't wait to see you on track from Oct. 27th, and remember..."

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available now on PC.

For more from the world of ACC, why not head over to our Assetto Corsa Competizione sub forum and get yourself into the thick of the action? We have a great and knowledgeable community, plus some pretty epic League and Club Racing events, if I do say so myself. Go on, treat yourself!

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Jan 7, 2017
Did I get this right, that the McLaren720 GT3 will be available to all users, not only those who register for the Shadow Project event? :confused:
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Dec 29, 2018
Incredible, more pictures of cars in one week than GTR3 in 15 years and for free !!!

Thanks Kunos
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Oct 28, 2015
So, will the Mclaren be it's own thing or will it be able to race the other GT3 cars?
I don't know about the preset sprint/endurance race weekends which typically only let you choose a certain set of cars and teams that raced in the actual season. But in custom races/weekends and online you should be able to drive anything. If it'll be competitive or even OP is to be seen. Same question comes up with the 2019 season content too.


Feb 2, 2019
Well the thing why Porsche is not so competitive in Blancpain Series and also Adac GT Masters has only besides to do with the diffusor;) Blancpain and Adac only allows Pirelli Tyres and in Race pace they are working well on the Porsche but in Qualifying they have a huge deficit on the Porsche because its too hard to bring the tyres fast in the right temperature. I'm sure the new model of the GT3 R porsches will work better in this particular Field because they learn from it;) the diffusor will help for sure and to put the enginge more in to the middle will bring also easier handling in too the car. When the GT3 R runs in other classes they never lack in this particular field....so its because of the Pirelli tyre and the strange BOP that ADAC GT Masters and Blancpain has. But for the other teams Pirelli works well so Porsche need to improve on that matter;)


Jun 4, 2017
Great livery, at first i thought i'm seeing a ford GT :rolleyes:
I love this livery! also if the car could be only 5% tamer i would be happy:D because the current one is undrivable with my limited wheel rotation degree:D
and oh the 720GT3, my most anticipated car of the year :thumbsup:

INB4 "but ACC is only about GT3 Cars, so boring".
It's just sad that you have to literally write "humor", people can't understand a simple sarcasm/joke :redface: