Assetto Corsa Competizione: Hotfix Released


Nope... First I would start steam and there's an update queued written beside ACC title. Mind you this is everyday! Anywhere from 3MB to 100MB. Before I get more disagree with my first post, this started to happen when I enabled beta. And I would not claim anything just for clicks. I see and feel no change after any update. I'm just stating my experience.
I guess you should try a verify and if that does not work I suggest uninstall and reinstall of the game. Restart PC after uninstall just for safety aswell.


I'm on the Beta version and i just got a 1.3GB download on Steam?
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I tried this build but it's a no go in VR for me, I need a new PC but no chance of that anytime soon.

It pains me because I want to love this Sim, I have the utmost faith, belief and respect in Kunos so even though i bought into EA I feel I'm cheating on them by not playing it.

With that in mind I *may* have to do the dreaded alternative and race it on a...wait for it.........FLAT...SCREEN, it feels dirty & wrong just saying it but I wanna drive over curbs with this new tire model stuff and actually get into this Sim properly.

Time to swallow the pride and keep the VR HMD in the case, pray for me :|
Just buy a curved screen 27 AOC like I did:p
The screen is curved, but is the image not 2d, there fore flat? :sneaky:
Technically curved is not flat, I will give you that, but a pancake, even if it is rolled, is still a pancake.:p
The same applies to the FLAT screens in your VR-Headset, it's just a rolled pancake. :p
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