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I think a lot of us would like to hear more about your sim rig. Can you talk us through what you have and what you think about how it replicates the real thing?

Also, not a question, but I would like to stress to Lando and those in his position how cool it is that we can fire up a race in the evening and wind up competing against some of the best drivers in the world. Keep it up dude, and keep working on Max to get him streaming.
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Krzysztof Maj
Except F1, what cars did you race both in sims and in real life? Which car in sim do you find most realistic in terms of handling?


Can my big fat 230lbs ass ever fit in that lovely F1 McLaren you race on the weekends? Or should I just forget about ever becoming a "real" F1 driver and just stick to Coademaster's F1 2019 game?


It was me 'wot did it.
1) From your videos it looks like you don't use VR, why not?
2) What do you value most that you learnt in karting that's still relatable/valuable in F1?



1 Who is the faster sim racer? You or Max? Honesty is worth a championship point.

2 Did you go home after Monza and watch Ted's Notebook?

3 Are you lactose tolerant?

Jonathan Young

If George was in the other Mclaren rather than Carlos, who would be ahead in the points? You or him?

P.s you’re a credit to your country and make me proud to be British!
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